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Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Split Over Scientology

Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Split Over Scientology
Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Split Over Scientology

Video: Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Split Over Scientology

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Another Hollywood actress relationship Katie Holmes broke up because of Scientology. According to Western media, the artist broke up with her lover Jamie Foxx at the same time, the couple during the relationship never confirmed their relationship.


Despite the undeniable fact of the romance between Jamie and Katie, Holmes insisted that they were only friends. Fox was tired of the constant fear of his lover associated with the Scientology Church. Katie was afraid that if Scientologists became aware of her affair with a colleague, then Scientologists would launch a real war against her and her daughter Suri, and the girl's ex-husband and father Tom Cruise would take the child. So it is, or otherwise, but the fact remains - the close relationship between Katie and Jamie was confirmed by their friends, but the artists themselves were stubbornly silent. This could not go on indefinitely, because Fox wanted a normal open relationship, and Holmes' fear of Scientologists began to strain him.

“Jamie is tired of Katie's constant paranoia about Scientology. He felt that she did not believe in him, did not believe that he could protect him, and therefore did not trust. At some point, he just gave up.

Katie is very afraid for Suri. She constantly looks out the window if her daughter is walking near the house, and if they are far away. o does not let go of the phone and is always in touch with her. The relationship with the daughter controls her life and personal life as well. Katie does not part with Suri for more than a day, and this paranoia affects all aspects of her life, "- said the insider.

Katie already knows how the Church of Scientology robbed the children of Nicole Kidman, also Tom Cruise's ex-wife. After the divorce, the sectarians managed to convince the adopted children of the actress that she is an absolute evil, and Holmes is afraid that the same could happen to her.

Katie is very glad that the former parishioner of the church, Lea Remini, has started a revealing documentary show about Scientologists, to whom she belonged for several years, and now positions herself as their fierce enemy. Holmes believes this show will diminish the sect's popularity and influence.

But back to Jamie. After he spent 35 thousand dollars on Katie's birthday celebration, and the actress did not stay with him even for a day in a Mexican resort (Holmes went to Suri's home), this was the last straw in Fox's patience.

"Jamie is already sick of this drama, he did not subscribe to this," - said the insider.

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