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The Largest Airline "Uralairlines"

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The Largest Airline "Uralairlines"
The Largest Airline "Uralairlines"

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Video: Ural Airlines plane makes 'miracle' emergency landing 2023, February

It's never too late to travel! At any time of the year, there is a place that you want to visit. But the choice of a place does not end with travel planning. It is very important to choose a good airline so that you can comfortably go on vacation, because the rest of the rest depends on how you get to the place. Uralairlines guarantees its customers safe and comfortable travel by air.

About company

For the rating of the Federal Air Transport Agency, Ural Airlines took an honorable place in the TOP-5 of the largest Russian airlines. At the moment, there are more than 250 destinations available, but this number will increase with the influx of passengers. The base airports are Moscow (Domodedovo) and Yekaterinburg (Koltsovo).


Speaking about the history of the airline, it is worth starting from 1943, when the Sverdlovsk United Squadron was founded. After the division of the company in 1993, Ural Airlines received their official brand name.

The airline's fleet includes modern European aircraft, the ranks of which are annually replenished with newer and more comfortable models. More than 30 liners deliver passengers to their destination every day. The company is registered with IOSA. The safety standard is proof of Uralairlines' commitment to excellence.

Buying an air ticket

It will not be difficult to buy air tickets St. Petersburg - Rostov-on-Don, air tickets Khabarovsk - St. Petersburg and other destinations. The development of the use of the Internet network in everyday life has reached the airlines. You can buy a ticket on the official website. Buying a ticket via the Internet has the following features:

  • Payment for the ticket is carried out using PayPal or program bonuses;
  • If you have a Wings program member card, indicate it when you issue your ticket, and the bonus for the flight will be credited automatically;
  • You can choose a convenient place;
  • Making insurance for the duration of the flight and the period of travel;
  • Use the service of transporting a pet or sports equipment.

The interface of the site is designed so that the client can find the desired section and the service of interest without obstacles. To buy a ticket over the Internet, just select the section "Buying a ticket" and read the detailed step-by-step information. If you are interested in a specific question, please contact the specified contacts or feedback. The Customer Support section has answers to frequently asked questions.

A feature of the site is the "Special version for people with disabilities" function. By activating it, you can choose the text font, site color and many other features.

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