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Dennis Hopper's Son Accused Of Raping A Minor

Dennis Hopper's Son Accused Of Raping A Minor
Dennis Hopper's Son Accused Of Raping A Minor

Video: Dennis Hopper's Son Accused Of Raping A Minor

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21-year-old son of the deceased Dennis Hopper Henry Hopper accused of raping a 15-year-old girl. the victim's mother sued the actor.

The girl is now 16, and her name is not disclosed in the interests of the investigation. the mother claims that Hopper and her then 15-year-old daughter met through a mutual friend in February 2011. the couple began to actively communicate on Facebook, and a few months later Hopper invited the girl to his home in Venice, California. The young man promised to throw a party with alcohol and drugs.

The plaintiff's statement says that Henry pumped up the girl with both, waited until she completely lost her orientation, and then entered into sexual relations with her, "forcing her to oral sex and sodomy."


It is not yet known whether the girl herself turned to the police after that - and why her mother decided to do this only now. In the lawsuit, she claims that the actor “seduced an innocent girl, pretended to care for her, lured her into the house with promises of illegal drugs and alcohol. and then abused her youth several times in a cruel manner. " After this, the girl suffers from injuries - physical and mental, she needed the help of a psychiatrist, what happened affected her behavior and vital activity.

On the one hand, this is all, of course, terrible: a rising star lures an innocent bird into his house and fools her head with promises of love, while he himself intoxicates and rapes. On the other hand, someone forcibly pulled the poor thing into the house, promising cakes? No, Hopper - if all this is true - offered the girl some booze and drugs. And she didn’t say no, but went to have fun. Who was waiting for what after this, I wonder?

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