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Lindsay Lohan Wants To Live In London

Lindsay Lohan Wants To Live In London
Lindsay Lohan Wants To Live In London

Video: Lindsay Lohan Wants To Live In London

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27 year old actress Lindsey Lohan tired of the noisy life in the United States. Los Angeles and New York, the actress is happy to trade for a calm and quiet London. But will Lilo be accepted in the new place? According to sources close to the star, Lindsay now simply does not have enough money to rent at least some decent housing.

Gabrielle's Gal2014, Old Billingsgate, London, Britain - 07 May 2014

“Lindsay tells everyone that she wants to rent an apartment in London, but she does not have the funds to do so. She had already asked her friends if there was someone here or a house where she could stay for the first time. But so far, no one is in a hurry to help Lohan,”says the insider.

Note that Lindsay often visits the capital of Great Britain, the actress attends various talk shows and charity events, and this is not the first time she is planning her move. Friends of the actress say that London attracts a star because there is freedom of action here, there are no ubiquitous paparazzi hunting for a new batch of pictures, here you can enjoy your personal life and will not talk about it on every corner: “Lindsay loves London at night. She feels a certain freedom here, which is not in Los Angeles. She can safely walk around the city like a normal person. Lindsay used to say that she was looking for housing in Notting Hill (one of the most prestigious areas of London)."

The reason for Lohan's move to the UK is also the fact that in London the actress is perceived as a star, unlike Los Angeles. Here she is not a brawler or a riotous girl, but first of all an artist.

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