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Fungus On Toenails: Get Rid Of Quickly

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Fungus On Toenails: Get Rid Of Quickly
Fungus On Toenails: Get Rid Of Quickly

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Untidy appearance of the nail, unpleasant odor and fragility, which threatens to lead to complete loss of the nail plate - all these are the consequences of the "work" of the fungus on the feet.

Measures to combat a harmful microorganism should be taken urgently, because its advanced form leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body and negatively affects it as a whole.

Required changes

  • What should be done if fungus has started on the toenails? Disinfect thoroughly with special sprays or even change all the shoes that you have worn before, as well as:
  • throw away old socks (do not wash them with other clothes!), and change new ones several times a day;
  • refuse to go to the pool and sauna;
  • temporarily exclude baked goods with yeast, sweets, milk and dairy products from the diet.

You must definitely go to a doctor who will prescribe medications suitable for treatment and advise which folk recipes can be used in this case.


Nail - "under protection"

One of the most effective medicines for the fungus is Mycosan, the price of which is affordable and acceptable for a wide range of consumers.

The therapeutic effect is achieved due to the formation of a protective film on the affected nail, which penetrates deep into its upper layers. The coating strengthens the plate and destroys harmful microorganisms in it.

The drug is sold complete with the necessary supplements:

  • special brush;
  • disposable files;
  • templates for marking changes at the site of the lesion;
  • a diary for recording treatment procedures.

How to use Mycosan correctly, the instructions attached to it will tell you in detail. After thorough cleaning and processing with files, the ointment is applied to the nail twice a day. The treatment lasts about a month, lubrication for prevention can be done within a week.

The serum that is part of Mycosan penetrates deeply through the nail plate. Special components of the preparation form a water-soluble film, which creates unfavorable conditions for the growth of pathogenic fungi.

The drug based on dimethylisosorbide is recommended for everyone, there are restrictions only for pregnant women and very young children. Consult your doctor and get rid of the fungus with his help as soon as possible.

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