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Sarah Jessica Parker Awaits "Divorce"

Sarah Jessica Parker Awaits "Divorce"
Sarah Jessica Parker Awaits "Divorce"

Video: Sarah Jessica Parker Awaits "Divorce"

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Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who recently does not appear in the frame so often, but is actively developing her shoe line, returns to television. Recently it became known that the "Sex and the City" star has signed a contract for the lead role and production of the first episode of the HBO comedy series. "Divorce" / "Divorce".


In addition to Parker, Thomas Hayden Church, Molly Shannon and Talia Balsam will also appear in the pilot episode.

The plot of "Divorce" is centered on a story about a woman named Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker), who decides to radically change her life, but eventually realizes that it is much more difficult to do it than it seemed before.

The script for the pilot was written by Sharon Horgan. She will also produce the series alongside Parker, Paul Simms, Alison Benson and Aaron Kaplan. The first episode of Divorce will be directed by Jesse Peretz.

The date of the proposed premiere or start of work on the project has not yet been announced. It is only known that the filming of "Divorce" will take place in New York.

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