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Production Of Letterheads From Printomat

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Production Of Letterheads From Printomat
Production Of Letterheads From Printomat

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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The German online collective printing service PinguinDruck GmbH has entered the Russian market. More than 10 years of experience guarantee high quality of finished work and responsibility for fast order fulfillment. Having placed an order in a matter of minutes, on the official website and paid for it by credit card, electronic money or through a bank transfer to an account, you will receive ready-made forms in a short time. The company provides a set of samples so that the client does not get confused in a large number of papers and types of finishes. Collective printing means collecting similar orders, placing them on an A1 sheet and printing by the whole team on an offset machine. The cost is divided among all participants, which determines such a democratic price. The production of letterheads takes on average one to four days.


How to make a letterhead?

The production of forms in many printing houses requires a lot of effort to explain and prepare the order, which significantly increases the time after which it will be ready and delivered to the client. To purchase unique and high-quality forms from Printomat, you only need access to the Internet and basic knowledge of working with it. There is no need to call or go to the office. This is often a waste of money and time. There is no need for a ready-made layout. Select the options that you need in the constructor. If you have your own layout, just upload it. Many options will help to clearly set the task for the performer and avoid unnecessary questions. You can pay immediately using the following payment systems:

  • Yandex money,
  • Qiwi,
  • Webmoney,
  • using maps,
  • bank transfers.

The delivery method can also be selected according to the parameters that suit you the most.

German traditions of quality work have also left their mark on work in Russia. Used completely similar equipment and materials, as in Germany. By using the collective printing method, you save money and maintain quality.

How to order?

The first thing to choose at the beginning of the order is the product and the paper on which it will be printed. The product page contains the basic configuration. There are many more paper types and options in Calculator for Professionals, which can be confusing for beginners. In the "size" column, enter the parameters that should be obtained after trimming. If you have not found a suitable size from the ones already available, enter yours. In the color column, you can adjust the color gamut and other settings for crisp, rich color. By choosing the number of copies, you complete the first item of the order. The rest of the items and detailed information are indicated on the official website, where you can purchase forms.

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