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Casey Affleck Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Casey Affleck Accused Of Sexual Harassment
Casey Affleck Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Video: Casey Affleck Accused Of Sexual Harassment

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Video: Casey Affleck On ‘Me Too’ Allegations 2023, February

If you are applying for an Oscar, remember that your reputation must be impeccable or close to it. Unfortunately, Casey Affleck cannot boast of this.

This year the actor will compete for the statuette in the category "Best Actor" for the film "Mancherster by the Sea". However, Casey may be eliminated from the race due to his scandalousness.


The fact is that actress Constance Wu, star of the series "Difficulties of assimilation" (Fresh Off the Boat), calls for the exclusion of Affleck from the list of nominees due to the fact that he was previously accused of sexual harassment. According to the actress, it is simply unacceptable for a person who has previously shown illegal actions against women to fight for the highest film award. “A man who harassed women was nominated for an Oscar! Because good acting means more than humanity and integrity! Because the poor boy needs help so much! ", reads one of the actress's sarcastic tweets. Constance also noted that she is more concerned not with whether or not Affleck will be excluded from the Oscar race, but what an example he sets for children. They say that a person who has violated someone's boundaries and has not been punished for this can still achieve professional heights.

Recall that in the harassment case, Wu was referring to an incident that occurred in 2010.

Then, immediately after the filming of the film "I'm still here," two members of the film crew immediately filed a lawsuit against the actor for sexual harassment. In both cases, Casey managed to negotiate with the women who accused him before the trial.

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