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Pamela Anderson Won't Marry Again

Pamela Anderson Won't Marry Again
Pamela Anderson Won't Marry Again

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Video: EXCLUSIVE: Pamela Anderson Vows to Never Marry Again: 'I've Done it Enough' 2023, February

Actress and public figure Pamela Anderson tired of stepping on a rake called a failed marriage. The star of the series "Rescuers Malibu" said that she will not marry again for any price.


The blonde artist was married three times. Her first husband was rocker Tommy Lee, and her second was producer Rick Salomon, whom she married twice. The last time their patience was enough for a year and in April of this year, she again hit the bride market. However, Pamela firmly decided - she did not get married with a foot, because life again and again showed her: becoming a spouse is not her vocation.

“Marriage is difficult. I won't do this anymore, I've had enough. For my age, I have been there too often. In my plans for the future marriage is not foreseen. I won't even go on dates. At least until Christmas,”the artist admitted during Entertainment Tonight.

Pamela, 48, has decided to focus on her charitable and community service. She has already sold her wedding ring, which Rick gave her, in order to spend the proceeds for good purposes. Next in line is the red swimsuit she wore in the TV series "Rescuers Malibu". When asked why she was selling her personal belongings, Pamela replied:

“I don't need them anymore, I won't wear them anymore. The ring is definitely not going to be. I recently tried on a swimsuit. I walked around my house in it. He, as before, fits me perfectly,”Anderson said.

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