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The Most Popular Star Perfumes Of

The Most Popular Star Perfumes Of
The Most Popular Star Perfumes Of

Video: The Most Popular Star Perfumes Of

Video: The Most Popular Star Perfumes Of
Video: Top 10 Most Popular Fragrances OF ALL TIME 2019 2023, March

Another thread that connects you and your idol is a perfume from a celebrity. Feeling his scent on yourself, it seems that you are getting a little closer to him. But oddly enough, there are also laws of popularity.

Therefore, today we present the 2012 rating of the most popular women's fragrances from the stars. In the first well-deserved place was " White diamonds »Legends of American cinema, actresses Elizabeth Taylor … This captivating floral scent was launched back in 1991. The brilliant Liz Taylor is precisely the ancestor of the fashion for stellar fragrances.

Soft and transparent aroma " Lovely"From the star of the famous movie" Sex and the City " Sarah Jessica Parker - on the second line of our hit parade. In 2006, this floral, rich woody-musky perfume was rightfully awarded the FiFi Award Best National Advertising Campaign.

The top three undoubted leaders were closed by “ Glowing"From the singer Jennifer Lopez … The brand new fragrance, released this year, quickly gained popularity among girls and took the lead. Lopez is an adherent of "pure" fragrances, she likes natural scents, based on this and the corresponding name - "Glowing", although it may seem to someone that the bottle smells like soap.

The world of women's perfumery is diverse and immense. Each lady chooses a fragrance based on her preferences and wishes. Ratings are ratings, but it's up to you to choose!


Most Popular Star Perfumes:

1. "White Diamonds" by Elizabeth Taylor

2. "Lovely" by Sarah Jessica Parker

3. "Glowing" by Jennifer Lopez

4. "Truth or Dare" by Madonna

5. Lady Gaga's "Fame"

6. "LVie Est Belle" by Julia Roberts

7. "Lilabelle Truly Adorable" by Kate Moss

8. "Botanical Essence No.15" by Liz Earl

9. "Signature" by Christina Aguilera

10. "Lulu Time" by Lulu

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