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Tom Cruise Doesn't Date Laura Prepon

Tom Cruise Doesn't Date Laura Prepon
Tom Cruise Doesn't Date Laura Prepon

Video: Tom Cruise Doesn't Date Laura Prepon

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Video: Laura Prepon Laughs Off Tom Cruise Dating Rumors 2023, February

Looks like fans of a Hollywood actor Tom Cruise again there is nothing to worry about, because, as it turned out, rumors about an enviable bachelor's romance with Laura Prepon turned out to be untrue. This was stated by the actress herself and Tom's fellow Scientology: “It's so funny when people come up with such rumors. It turns out I'm dating Tom Cruise right now, but he doesn't want everyone to know about it, so I'm pretending to be a lesbian (laughs). I can say with confidence that this is a lie from the first to the last word."


The message that the three times divorced Cruz and Prepon meet appeared in one of the American publications. But a few days later, representatives of both sides denied this information.

We will remind, for the first time rumors about the romance of Tom and Laura began to circulate in November 2013, when the couple was noticed in one of the Los Angeles restaurants. This was the first time the 51-year-old actor was spotted in the company of a woman after his divorce from Katie Holmes in 2012.

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