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Alexey Panin Spoke About Illegitimate Children

Alexey Panin Spoke About Illegitimate Children
Alexey Panin Spoke About Illegitimate Children

Video: Alexey Panin Spoke About Illegitimate Children

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Before leaving for the monastery, Russian theater and film actor Alexey Panin, known for his extraordinary antics, decided to confess to the public and spoke about his illegitimate children.


As it turned out, in addition to his legitimate daughter, Alexei has two more daughters, Sophia and Maria. Panin claims that he maintains contact with the girls' mothers, and also helps them financially. And even in spite of the fact that he leaves worldly life, he will not stop earning bread and butter for his children.

The girls are now three years old. Both were born in April two days apart. It turned out that Panin did not feel special feelings for the mothers of his children.

“It so happened that these women really wanted children, but before me they couldn’t have children with anyone,” Alexei told one of the Russian publications. He said that the mothers of his children have no complaints against him, including financial ones, women are just glad that they gave birth to lovely children.

In the acting life of Panin, not everything is fine either. So, for the recently planned performance in Crimea, the audience practically did not buy tickets, and in order to pay for the rent of the hall, Alexey had to pay out of his own pocket.

“Despite the fact that now are not the best times in my life, I try to help all my children,” said the artist. It is noteworthy that one of the women is married, and Panin considers it wrong if he claimed the role of father.

“We are all in a wonderful relationship, and my other children consider Masha a sister. I'm not going to do a DNA test: I consider Masha to be my daughter,”says Alexey.

In addition to the above children, as already mentioned, Panin has another daughter from Yulia Yudintseva, born in a civil marriage, Anna. For her, he led legal proceedings for a long time and not only battles with Julia. For some time, the girl even lived with her father and his mother, contrary to the court's decision.

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