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Angry Megan Fox

Angry Megan Fox
Angry Megan Fox
Video: Angry Megan Fox
Video: The Awful Interview That Nearly Destroyed Megan Fox's Career 2023, February

Megan Fox got into trouble. At the premiere of "Transformers" in London, one young admirer pulled her a rose so hard, tried so hard - and she walked by. Naturally, everything happened under the gun of the paparazzi, and the whole story with the flower and the evil Megan was documented frame by frame. It would seem - what nonsense? Just think, broken-off fan! But our stars can afford it - Westerners may not get away with this: the audience will stop going to them in the cinema - and it's all gone. Therefore, Megan began to urgently apologize and make excuses, insisting that she was blinded by the outbursts of the paparazzi, and she simply did not see the boy, besides, she was dragged by bodyguards - in general, "I'm not guilty!"

“I feel so sorry for this guy,” Megan told Collider. “This story is killing me. She breaks my heart. If you know his name, I will send him a personal apology. I'm shocked at all - I would never have acted so rudely! Sweet boy, I'm so sorry! I would never do this to you, I would gladly take your rose!"

Lord, I'm going to take out my handkerchief and cry. Kid! Don't be shy, send your names to the editorial office!

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