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David Carradine Was Killed?

David Carradine Was Killed?
David Carradine Was Killed?
Video: David Carradine Was Killed?
Video: The DEATH of David Carradine ✮ Real Death Story 2023, February

David Carradine's death was ruled as an accident of sexual experimentation - but some don't. Producer and friend of the deceased actor David Winters insists: Carradine was killed by transsexual prostitutes called Lady Boys, and the Bangkok police are trying to hush up the case.

“David was killed… I'm pretty sure the Lady Boys are responsible for that,” Winters tells The Globe. "They usually work in pairs and can be very violent."

It is interesting, of course, how the producer himself knows the customs of Thai tranny prostitutes, but oh well. Winters has now made a request to the Thai authorities to post a video from the hotel, which may contain evidence of who Carradine spent his final hours with.

Globe hired retired FBI agent Ted Gunderson advise them on Carradine's case, and he agrees with Winters. "I think Carradine met two Lady Boys at a hotel bar … They tend to be seductive, very greedy for money, and can rip off a celebrity like Carradine." Gunderson is sure: Thai prostitutes drugged the actor, hung him, and then issued it under suicide.

Considering that Carradine, as it now turns out, was an experienced BDSM master and skillfully played with all sorts of belts for many years of his life - it is quite possible that the Lady Boys version is not so wild …

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