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Jackson Fans Don’t Take Money

Jackson Fans Don’t Take Money
Jackson Fans Don’t Take Money
Video: Jackson Fans Don’t Take Money
Video: When Michael Jackson Went Out in Public 2023, February

Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa indignantly denied all rumors that he had asked fans of Michael Jackson to donate money to the city for the funeral of their idol. We will remind, in the media there was information that LA spent more than $ 1.4 million on organizing safety, traffic and other things - and this, they say, hit the budget so much that the mayor turned to the singer's fans to help the city financially.

The mayor angrily denies everything, calling the information about the donation site “nonsense”. “Los Angeles is a world class city and we can provide fire and police protection. The idea that we will oblige Michael's family to pay for this is nonsense."

The truth is not so nonsense: speaker of the mayor Matt Scabo said that thoughts about the donation site came to the mind of the adviser Ian Perry, who at the time replaced Villaraigosa while he was away. “A similar statement was announced by Deputy Mayor Ian Perry on Friday before the farewell, it said that she wants to collect donations and leaves her e-mail address. On Monday, her office was already asking for donations by mail. Then everything was asked to be submitted via an online form."

Wondering what will Citizen Perry do now? And what does the governor of California think of all this?

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