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Michael Jackson And The Doctors' Case

Michael Jackson And The Doctors' Case
Michael Jackson And The Doctors' Case
Video: Michael Jackson And The Doctors' Case
Video: Michael Jackson's Doctor Conrad Murray Guilty 2023, February

Many medical experts rightly believe that doctors should not get close to patients, as otherwise it will be difficult for them to say no if their ward asks for something that is not medically justified. However, whatever his motives, Michael JacksonIt seems that he had a talent for finding such doctors who happily communicated with him on a friendly footing, and were ready for a lot for him

For example, doctor Alex Farshian, about which we are from words TMZ wrote earlier: he simply adored Michael, the singer was his idol. As he says Michael Laperruck, former deputy county sheriff Los Angeleswho worked for Jackson's security guard, Farshian "was in awe of Jackson." During the investigation into the singer's accusation of attempted child molestation, Laperruck testified to the police. The name of Farshian surfaced. According to Laperruk, Farshian was so fascinated by Jackson that he invited him to stay in his house. Miami… Michael agreed, but in the end, for some reason, he stopped in Farshian's rebuilt garage. I wonder why? Laperruck also told the cops that Farshian "may have been prescribing medication" to Michael.

Then a dermatologist from Beverly Hills Arnold Klein, considered a longtime friend of Jackson. Among other things, he told the TV presenter Larry Kinguthat used to sleep with Michael in the same room. According to Klein, they were so close that they often went on vacation together. One of Jackson's drivers said that his boss could spend up to 3-4 hours in Dr. Klein's office and then leave completely disoriented. During a search of the ranch Neverland prescriptions were found for potent drugs prescribed by Dr.Klein in the name Frank Tyson - one of Jackson's employees. According to the singer's former bodyguard, he used Tyson's last name to get drugs. Klein, as you remember, also admitted that he prescribed Michael Demerol, on which Pop Idol developed an addiction.

Next doctor Allan Metzgerwho practices in West Hollywood… Was close with Michael, and even went with him on one of the concert tours. He also filmed Michael's wedding and Debbie Rowe… He also received public censure when it turned out that he was prescribing drugs for Michael's sister. Janet Jackson… Today he refuses to talk about whether he wrote out such recipes for Michael himself. He says that he has not been his doctor for a long time. And the last time they talked in April - the conversation was about personal affairs and - yes - medical problems …

As you can see, all these doctors, to put it mildly, are not the strictest rules. But it seems that this was what attracted Michael to them, alas …

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