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Unknown Daniel Radcliffe

Unknown Daniel Radcliffe
Unknown Daniel Radcliffe
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Video: Daniel Jacob Radcliffe | Unknown story | 1 - 31 years | Daniel's picture timeline till 2020 | PW 2023, February

The Guardian correspondent spoke with Daniel Radcliffe and learned a lot of interesting things from the guy. People talked about everything: what Daniel likes to read, write, where he lives, with whom he lives, how he hides from fans, what kind of girls he likes, whether he is gay or not - a complete and interesting dossier. Danny's fierce fans may already know all this - but you and I, mere observers, will be very interesting to read.

So it all started with a discussion about how best to hide from fans. Daniel has his own exclusive ideas on this matter. “I can give advice to the actors: if you don’t want to be recognized on the street, so that they even looked at you, go with a two-meter handsome transsexual. No one will notice you at all. Especially when you are only 168 cm. I would love to play a drag queen, but not only because of the costumes. Although wait, what am I saying? Of course, because of the costumes! If the script is also good, of course - I won't play such a role just for the sake of the dresses. Although I found out that I look good with painted eyes. I'm not going to become emo - so the only way to be like that is to play a transvestite."

It was Daniel who explained to the journalist that he was not gay. Another denial of rumors: Radcliffe did not drink beer brewed by the monks on the set of Harry Potter. "I generally don't drink beer at all." Instead, Dan drinks pure whiskey or tequila. "I love tequila - one of those things, like Jägermeister, when the drink has a very specific taste."

Daniel's favorite rumor is: “I, like, have a sculpture of myself in my living room in my living room. I don’t know what people think about my ego”.


The journalist notes that, despite all the pressure the guy is under, he grows up to be quite receptive and empathetic - normal. Daniel loves cricket, drinking and smoking in secret, watching forbidden TV programs late on Friday night, lounging at home in his underpants. He has a girlfriend whom he met at work. He bought an apartment near his parents' home in Fulham and has been living alone for 18 months. Basically, everything is going well: he tries to keep the apartment in order, although he will still go to his mother to wash his clothes. “What should be ashamed of? I don't always do this! From time to time, when there are too many things. " Daniel hates ironing, as his things prove eloquently. "When you come across a zipper or a button, you think:" Damn, what am I doing! " But, of course, ironed things look better. They are so wrinkled now. In general, an ironing board for me is the most terrible thing in modern society: a symbol of routine, a thirst for a better world. Ironing boards have funny finishes - and I hate them."

But Daniel loves contemporary art. When he turned 18 in 2007 and became financially independent, he considered buying himself a car (not too fancy, a ToyotPrius or a Golf GTI). But two years later, he still did not have a driver's license - instead, Daniel bought the painting. Jim Hodges, an artist from New York. This is how he, by the way, got into the world of transvestites. “The dealer said he wanted to sell the painting to a more prestigious collector, but I figured out that Jim was a big Harry Potter fan and convinced them to sell it to me. Since then, Jim and I are good friends, and with his best friend Tim, he is a photographer. They are both gay, New York artists, and they introduced me to these crazy, incredible, strange, amazing and extraordinary people. I instantly got into the New York trans community!"

Daniel is also very fond of reading and is very enthusiastic about the project in his dressing room: “This is a wall with the most significant authors from 1700, 1800, 1900 and some from the 21st century. It is fantastic. Joanne Rowling, for example, entered, and the first ones she chose were George Eliot and Joseph Conrad… AND Nabokov". Daniel himself writes poetry and admits that he used to write a lot. “Now it’s happiness if I write a hundred times a month or even two months.But when I write, I try to do it better. Now I have more sense, because there is simply not enough time for pretentiousness."

Daniel even published several poems under a pseudonym, which he did not disclose to the journalist - but he thought and made his own conclusions: Jacob Gershon… Jacob is Radcliffe's middle name, Gershon is the Hebrew version of Gresham, his mother's maiden name. Why does he like to write poetry? “As an actor, I have some space for creativity - but I have to say someone's words all the time. I'm not sure if I have the talent and ability to write novels, but I love writing short stories and poetry - these are my two passions. Writing a short story is an art. I like Raymond Carver and Chekhov - and do not think that I am so highbrow! I also watch Britain's Talent Show.

Daniel reveals that his Broadway performance helped him a lot. Alan Rickman… He came from vacation specially to New York to Radcliffe to give some lessons and advice: "how to be calm, to keep within limits." Daniel was not very easy with Alan: “I never knew if he was joking or serious. I think I took half of his sarcasm seriously. But not so long ago, I suddenly got used to it. Alan is a great guy!"

Daniel calls one of his closest friends and teachers Gary Oldmanwho played Sirius Black… Among them - Kenneth Branagh, who gave the guy the idea of "Ekuuse"… Oldman applauded Daniel's fearlessness to play such a play. “It was self-expression for him. Not because you have to be physically naked - Gary is just very susceptible to such things. All the guns that can shoot him. I think this is an amazing experience. And Gary is very serious about acting."

Ecuus means a lot to Radcliffe. There he met his girlfriend Laura O'Toole - however, Daniel prefers not to talk about it. “She is an ordinary normal person and does not strive for anything else. Which is very, very good. I seem to be a guy who is in the mood for a long-term relationship. In my soul I Byron, which continues a bad romance … There is a good line from Thackeray: “Yes, I'm a fatalist. It is my destiny to inspire hopeless passions. " This is how I perceive myself. I am, on the whole, a romantic."

After an avalanche of rumors and false statements, here are a couple of true facts about the guy - he will not go to university, but will focus on his acting career. He's already had several Hollywood meetings - and Daniel is looking forward to the times when he doesn't have to reject scripts because he's tired of the London suburbs, the world of magic, Muggles and owls. He has two projects for example, but talking about agrees about one thing - this is "The Journey Is The Destination" about the photographer Dana Eldonewho was killed at 22 in Somalia. If all goes well, this will be Daniel's second biopic - he has already played withKipling's son in the TV drama "My boy Jack "… Radcliffe is inspired by this guy because “everyone around him was in awe of his spirit and talent - plus this character is very different from me. I'm not that kind of adventurer and adventurer. I don't need the freedom of character that he had."

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