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Krishi Chu's First Ad For Holika Holika - About A Sizzling Tint

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Krishi Chu's First Ad For Holika Holika - About A Sizzling Tint
Krishi Chu's First Ad For Holika Holika - About A Sizzling Tint
Video: Krishi Chu's First Ad For Holika Holika - About A Sizzling Tint
Video: Holika Holika Holipop BB Cream Glow | Корейский ББ крем ужастик👻👿 2023, February

The first video of HolikHoliks with Krisha Chu as the face of the brand will make many Russian users feel sad … that domestic television does not show Korean ads. It just turned out colorful, juicy, incendiary, and this is often not enough. The video appeared in early June, and has already enriched the summer of thousands of viewers, even those who did not have time to arrange a vacation for themselves during the hot period. Actually, advertising is just about the fact that some small things can give a lot of pleasant emotions. Among these items are products from the HolikHolika assortment, presented on the page

Water Drop - Tint Bomb

The video begins with the fact that Krisha Chu woke up not very cheerful, but immediately found a way to cheer herself up - she painted her lips with Water Drop tint. She began to paint on the bed, and ended up by the pool, surrounded by girlfriends and large inflatable figures, including in the form of these brightly designed cosmetics. And now in her hand is already a giant cone of toy ice cream, and now she is already floating on a unicorn! In this sea of ​​impressions, she always finds a place for a Water Drop to enlarge the sea. Therefore, the slogan of the advertisement was the words from the subtitle: "Water Drop - tint bomb".

In general, Water Drop is a series that includes:

  • tonal basis;
  • cushion;
  • tint.

You can search for its components in the online store

What was the hardest part during filming?

From the video on the creation of an advertising campaign, you can find out what was the most difficult because it was a lot of fun, and in moments that required concentration, Krisha Chu found it difficult to stop laughing. The young star said: "What's hard is to control facial expressions!" And it was not difficult for her to withstand the long process of applying makeup and creating an image in general. The family helped a lot, Jaden's little brother even came to the set. And it is clear that he was not worried either, his mother did it for everyone. She is a real friend to Krishy Chu. They are very similar to each other.

Krisha Chu's appointment as HolikHolik ambassador - unique appointment

The thing is that it happened even before the career of the young performer officially began. Her first solo release, "KrieshChu 1st Single Album", took place in late May, and became the ambassador of the world famous Korean cosmetics brand Kriesh Chu earlier that month. In general, before the debut. But the company did not doubt the choice. Here is what a brand spokesman said, according to Koreaboo: “HolikHolik is looking forward to working with Krisha Chu, the embodiment of freshness and youth,”.

Such a partnership is definitely a big step in the career of a performer. Her label Urban Works Entertainment commented: "Although Krisha Chu has not formally debuted yet, she has become an advertising model and strengthened her position in show business." Probably, many in the world met this young artist precisely thanks to this campaign. Also, the collaboration is notable in that Krisha Chu became an ambassador at only 18 years old, and besides, she is not a Korean, but an American born in the Philippines. Let's pay a little attention to her biography.

About Krish Chu

She was born on December 20, 1998 in the Philippines, but soon moved to the United States. As a teenager, she began to seriously think about a career in the pop scene, more precisely, in the K-pop scene, and went to South Korea, where she honed her talent and learned the language for several years. She ended up on K-Pop Star 6 where she came in second as a member of the KWINs. Later it was decided to work solo.

Krishi Chu rested quite a bit after the end of the show in April 2017, and as you can see, in a matter of months she managed to conquer a new level. She takes a very responsible approach and told ABS-CBN: "Being a singer is not an easy dream, but most importantly, to become your own cheerleader, and then you will not stop, because no one but yourself can tell you what to do."

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