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What Are Ceramic Veneers And How Do They Create The Perfect Smile?

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What Are Ceramic Veneers And How Do They Create The Perfect Smile?
What Are Ceramic Veneers And How Do They Create The Perfect Smile?
Video: What Are Ceramic Veneers And How Do They Create The Perfect Smile?
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What is ceramic veneer? This is a special plate made of ceramics, with the help of which the master ceramist can give your teeth the perfect shape and shade, while not harming the very structure of the tooth. These devices are used to create a truly perfect smile. It turns out that ceramics can be used not only for making dishes. Ceramics are widely used in the dental industry. Very often, it is ceramic veneers that are placed and this article will describe the advantages of this material and the plates themselves. Ceramic veneer will help create the perfect smile without aligning the dentition and surgery.

Types of veneers

There are such types of veneers:

  • Ceramic, or porcelain;
  • Composite;
  • Zirconium;
  • Leucide glass ceramics veneers;
  • Lumineers.

Ceramic veneers are made from medical porcelain or ceramics. The resulting plates are no more than 0.5 mm, which give the tooth an ideal shape and beautiful color. Before installing the plate, the tooth is first ground.

For the manufacture of the composite look, the same material is used as for the filling. For installation - the tooth is not sharpened, but the process itself takes place right in the patient's mouth.

Uses zirconium oxide for zirconium plates. This material came from jewelry making. This material is the most expensive, because the processing of such material is quite laborious. Such a high price is justified by the excellent result. Processes are still made from zirconium oxide.

Before installing veneers made of leucide glass ceramics, the teeth are not prepared. The result is apparently better than after porcelain veneers.

Lumineers are also called "Hollywood". The thickness of the plates is 0.3 mm. They are thinner than the others and do not take long to install. They can be removed at any time.

Benefits of ceramic veneers

Any professional sees clear advantages in the quality of ceramic veneers. The service life of ceramic plates is much longer than, for example, of composite ones. No matter how good the material of the composite veneer is, it's just plastic. It will soon darken and delaminate. After long-term wearing, ceramic plates will not lose their color under the influence of external factors and will not change their shape. Moreover, it is very difficult to distinguish them from real teeth, thanks to the natural shine that composite veneers will not give.

Contraindications for installing veneers

The installation of veneers is possible only after a person reaches 18 years old, because it is then that the bite is fully formed. It is imperative to weigh the pros and cons before placing the plates on your teeth. Talk to your dentist and they will tell you if veneers are worth installing.

If you have fillings on your front teeth, it is contraindicated for you to install veneers. Teeth affected by large foci of caries are also not subject to processing

What is the price of veneers?

The price of the installation differs in each dentistry that deals with this. The average cost of veneering starts at 34,000 rubles. Of course, the price depends on the material and equipment on which the craftsmen work.

Life time

The main advantage of ceramic veneers is their durability. Most surprisingly, they have the same durability as real enamel. But by and large, the service life depends on the work of the master. High-quality installation of veneers prolongs their service life. Moreover, after installing the plates, the patient will have to learn how to take care of them. Proper care will extend the service life.

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