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Kunis Put On A Wedding Dress

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Kunis Put On A Wedding Dress
Kunis Put On A Wedding Dress
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The other day Mila Kunis, perhaps in anticipation of her own upcoming wedding, came to the celebration arm in arm with Ashton in an ivory dress. Does this mean that the couple is already mentally preparing for the holiday and trying on the images of the bride and groom for themselves?

By the way, for Mila it was a very special occasion as the 36-year-old brother married the 29-year-old ballerina Alexandra Blaker… It is interesting that it was she who at one time prepared Mila for filming in the film "Black Swan" in 2010. This proves once again that random encounters are the most non-random in the world. According to the data, the couple got engaged in December last year in San Diego, and the wedding ceremony took place in the Cathedral Church a year later.

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis

It is noteworthy that for his brother's wedding Mila came almost in the form of a bride in an ivory dress from the Rag & Bone brand to the knees. I must admit they look with Kutcher very touching and romantic. The actor looked happy in a white shirt with a black bow tie. According to sources, Mila and Ashton gave the newlyweds a 10-day honeymoon trip to Australia.

Judging by the stories of the guests, Mila herself already feels like a bride too. “She had a simple gold ring on her finger, very much like a wedding ring. During the ceremony, she stood next to the altar and listened very attentively to the wedding vows of the newlyweds,”says one of the guests. According to eyewitnesses, the couple kept together all the time, whispered and smiled. Note that Ashton communicates well with his family. Mila Kunis, and at her brother's wedding, he willingly posed for family photos with the bride and groom.

Mila and Ashton now they appear more often in public, because recently the sexy actor has officially acquired the status of a bachelor. Rumor has it that the wedding Kunis and Kutcher will not keep you waiting long. Maybe soon Mila will appear before mesmerized eyes in a beautiful white dress with a veil.

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