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Alexey Panin Hits The Dishes

Alexey Panin Hits The Dishes
Alexey Panin Hits The Dishes
Video: Alexey Panin Hits The Dishes
Video: Алексей Панин — эмиграция, потеря матери, новый брак, старые привычки 2023, February

And again in the arena Alexey Panin, and again with another dubious achievement. This time, the actor made a "demonstration performance" with smashing dishes in one of the restaurants Vladimir.

The incident took place on September 16 at about eight in the evening. The police of Vladimir received a call from the restaurant staff. According to the injured party, the aggression on the part of Panin was not motivated by anything. Well, apart from alcohol - the director of the institution claims that he came to dinner with them, being very drunk. They brought him an order, he ate, and then for no reason he started yelling and breaking the dishes - he filled ten thousand rubles. Nothing in total, of course, in comparison with a hundred thousand for office equipment that Panin racked up in the summer in Tuapse, but anyway!

When the outfit arrived at the restaurant Panin had already left: “On this day he was giving a concert. The staff interviewed him after the concert. There was no resistance on his part: he gave evidence, admitted his guilt and apologized for his actions,”an insider told the press.

However, you can't put an apology in your pocket, and the restaurant's management sent a statement to the police about the damage, demanding compensation.

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