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Sinned O'Connor Divorced After 16 Days

Sinned O'Connor Divorced After 16 Days
Sinned O'Connor Divorced After 16 Days
Video: Sinned O'Connor Divorced After 16 Days
Video: Sinead O'Connor ends marriage after just 16 days 2023, February

Sinead O'Connor broke the record Kim Kardashian and divorced just 16 days after the wedding. Let me remind you that on December 8, the 45-year-old rock singer married Barry Herridge, and, as gossipers say, the ceremony was her idea. But the idea turned out to be bad.

Sinead announced the divorce to the world herself, posting a touching emotional explanation on her website. The singer said that as husband and wife, she and Barry lived for only 7 days, and then ended the relationship on Christmas Eve. According to Sinead, her husband was influenced by tremendous psychological pressure from friends who did not approve of their hasty marriage in Vegas. "These people have never met me, but they formed an attitude towards me thanks to what they read in the press." the singer explains.


Again, the ceremony took only 10 minutes and ended, according to Sinead, with a wild journey in search of marijuana. "My husband was incredibly upset about this behavior of mine, as well as the reaction of people close to him to our marriage," explains Sinead. - It became clear to me that if he stays with me, he will lose too much of what he values, and life with me will not have a positive effect on him and his career. A woman, on the other hand, should bring joy. So - if you love someone, let him go."

The singer stressed that parting with Barry, ironically working as a consultant for people with addiction to drugs, went amicably, she still loves him, but the whole idea was not for her. “Barry is a wonderful person, I love him very much. I wish I was a typical woman. I sincerely believe that, although it is painful to admit it, we made a mistake, hurry to get married, and were not ready for the consequences in the life of my husband and those close to him. He was terribly unhappy, and I hastened to put an end to it. I think he's too good to do it himself. And too good to be trapped."

Sinead asked fans and the press to respect her ex-husband's privacy. She herself, according to her, is going to continue to live life to the fullest. “I am a woman of the 21st century and I am proud of it. Now I feel very good, I am happy, I am strong - everything is fine with me. The marriage lasted 16 days. we lived together only 7 days before Christmas. And we didn't behave badly towards each other. So, although I am sad because of my husband and because of the fact that I became the cause of suffering and pain for another poor fellow, but at the same time I am happy that we were not scum towards each other, and that Barry will better without me. I can remain myself. And I cannot sacrifice this freedom for the sake of someone or something."

It is not even clear how to comment. Both sad and funny. On the one hand - what kind of man is he who listens to his friends in matters of personal life? On the other hand, freedom and the right to be yourself are very important things when they are not confused with selfishness and unwillingness to take into account the existence of a loved one nearby. In general, marriage is not for Sinead, we understood that …

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