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Cindy Crawford Spoke About The Death Of A 3-year-old Brother

Cindy Crawford Spoke About The Death Of A 3-year-old Brother
Cindy Crawford Spoke About The Death Of A 3-year-old Brother
Video: Cindy Crawford Spoke About The Death Of A 3-year-old Brother
Video: 180125101 Cindy Crawford Opens Up About 3 Year Old Brother's Death 2023, February

Cindy Crawford - not only a world famous top model, but also a great philanthropist. Sick people often turn to her for help, and she never responds with a refusal to requests. The other day, she visited the Oprah Winfrey talk show, during which the model talked about the terrible tragedy that happened in her family many years ago.


Crawford is known to have three sisters, and his father always dreamed of an heir. When the boy was born, his happiness knew no bounds, but when the child was two years old, Jeff (that was the name of the baby) was diagnosed with a terrible diagnosis - leukemia.

Crawford admitted that when the parents told their daughters about their brother's illness, they did not even understand what happened, because they themselves were still children, Cindy, for example, was only eight.

Then the life of the family became like a nightmare. Almost every day they took the child with the whole family to the hospital, where the baby was undergoing painful therapy. The case was hopeless, and doctors persuaded Cindy's parents to experimental treatment. Those close to the end believed that their baby would get better, but he himself, despite such a tender age, felt that he would be gone.

“Mom told me that she once found him on a chair in her room. He prayed. Prayed that she would be all right when he died. Only now, when I myself became a mother, I can imagine what it was like for my mother to hear that,”- said Cindy.

When Jeff was three, after a short break over Christmas, he had to return to the hospital for painful procedures, but he told his family and doctors that he would not return to the hospital again. He was gone the day he was supposed to return to the hospital.

“I don’t know how to explain, but then I felt some kind of calmness and humility, because I understood that he understood everything himself and himself decided not to fight further,” said Cindy.

Crawford's father could not survive the loss of his son and the family broke up, the girls remained to live with their mother, but Cindy's relationship with her father was still preserved. She believes that she replaced his son, and dad is grateful to her that, despite everything, his daughter did not change her surname.

Having gained worldwide fame, Crawford helps a lot of sick children.

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