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The Shortest Celebrity Marriages

The Shortest Celebrity Marriages
The Shortest Celebrity Marriages

Video: The Shortest Celebrity Marriages

Video: The Shortest Celebrity Marriages
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Not everyone, if any, can boast of a strong family with one single spouse for life in show business. But those who can be safely included in the ratings for a record number of weddings or for the short duration of marriages allegedly concluded in heaven.

One of the record holders is Britney Spears, one of whose marriages is with a childhood friend Jason Alexander, - only lasted 55 hours. And indeed, as in childhood. The ceremony took place on January 3, 2004 in Las Vegas. If you understand what kind of city it is, and even the date - on the third day after the New Year, then the excuses are quite understandable Britney. The singer annulled the marriage and said that she was not fully aware of the seriousness of what was happening. Yes, and the groom himself later said that it was just a crazy and wild trick, to which they were prompted by the desire for adventure. Attorneys Spears they called it a joke that went too far.

The marriage of the singer and the actress lasted only 9 days Carmen Electra and basketball stars Dennis Rodman … Moreover, the couple married in a church, although also in Las Vegas. As admitted later Electra, in that 1998, her mother died from a brain tumor, and her sister from a heart attack, so she was in despair and decided on a stupid act - marriage with an athlete. In fact, she didn't even think much about what she was doing, and even called this marriage "a cheeseburger at a street eatery."

I didn't have time to get married, as I immediately cheated on my wife Mario Lopez, actor, known for the TV series "Saved by the Bell", who played a wedding with his co-star Ali Landry. Their union lasted 2 weeks, until the wife found out that her husband had cheated on her at a bachelor party.

The same number were married and Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds. The couple played a private wedding in Bora Bora on January 1, 2008, and on January 16, they announced that they would not hold an official and legal ceremony, since they saw no reason to develop a relationship.

Lasted two months Drew Barrymore and her first husband is a restaurateur Jeremy Thomas. Then the actress was only 19 years old and she was not yet ready for marriage.

A little more - three months - the marriage lasted Colin Farrell and actresses Amelia Warner.

72 days - record Kim Kardashian. In 2011, she played a lavish wedding, worth $ 20 million, with a basketball star. Chris Humphries. He proposed to her, gave her an expensive 20 carat diamond ring and, nevertheless, a little more than two months later. Kim filed for divorce, although she officially received it two years later.

Another star couple - Nicolas Cage and daughter of Elvis Presley Lisa Maria, - have been married for 109 days. Before that, the girl was married to Michael Jackson. Eventually Lisa Maria admitted that she and Nicholas should not have married, although after all they remained good friends.

The family of Pamela Anderson and rocker Kid Rock lasted 4 months. And although they quickly divorced due to "irreconcilable differences", Kid then beat Pamela for several more years.

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