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Interview With Amber Heard: About Relationships, Johnny Depp And The Problems Of Hollywood

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Interview With Amber Heard: About Relationships, Johnny Depp And The Problems Of Hollywood
Interview With Amber Heard: About Relationships, Johnny Depp And The Problems Of Hollywood

Video: Interview With Amber Heard: About Relationships, Johnny Depp And The Problems Of Hollywood

Video: Interview With Amber Heard: About Relationships, Johnny Depp And The Problems Of Hollywood
Video: Why Johnny Depp And Amber Heard’s Relationship Is Hollywood’s Biggest Tragedy 2023, March

This girl has recently become extremely famous. And not because she played in a recent film with Johnny depp "The Rum Diary", but because she became the chosen one of Depp himself. And the more envious young actress earned herself, as soon as it became known not only about her affair with the handsome actor, but also about their engagement.

There are no official comments, let alone interviews of any of this newly formed couple, so we returned a couple of months ago, before the excitement around them, and we give you an interview. Hurd about her work on the film "The Rum Diary" with Depp and mentions of their relationship. And in general, let's just try to get to know better the girl with whom, at last, he decided to tie the knot himself Johnny Depp.

Talking about the complexity of relationships in her profession, 27-year-old Amber noted: “It's really hard when you spend your life constantly on suitcases. But this also allows us to weed out superficial people. If someone stays with you after your second film, then they are probably a good person! I like to trust people in general - this is the peculiarity of the girl from the south."

About the relationship with the paparazzi:

“It's hard because I was raised to be polite and respectful. When someone screams my name, I turn around. For a very long time I fought in myself a simple human instinct to say "Thank you" when they give you a compliment, because then they just start taking pictures when you react to them, and this is annoying."

What would you like to change in yourself?

- I would like to better keep my mouth shut, but I'm not good at it. An incredible example of this is Angelina Jolie - a huge force in terms of the status quo. I think she was honest about her bisexuality, which I like. Honesty is the best thing; keeping quiet can be more harmful.

What do we already know about Amberis that she came to Hollywood to fight for worthy roles for women and to show that they can play on an equal footing with men.

“Name films in which female roles are no less than male roles, are not limited, and they will be an exception. In this regard, things are better in Europe than in the United States, our roles are still determined by physical attractiveness. I try to choose roles where the character does not depend on how he looks, but it’s hard, because it’s not accepted here, so I started a fight. I took superficial roles, simple girls, but tried to put power into them. I don't think talent and beauty are mutually exclusive. It's a shame that such a person as Charlize Theron she must lose weight and put on artificial teeth so that she can be seen as a talented actress."

Of course, most Amber it's easy to talk about it when it's a sin for her to complain about her appearance. With such data, you can try for any role. But she would also talk, if she were not such a pretty girl …

Hurd admitted that initially she had not thought of becoming an actress. She just wanted to escape the boredom she suffered in her native Texas.

“People are often content with living near the places where they were born. I respect that, but I've never been that kind of person. I always wanted to be anywhere, but not in the place, and now it's the same. And in this regard, I have an ideal profession, because as an actress I live like a vagabond, constantly on the move. I constantly need a change, a constant stimulus."

As incentives and examples Amber brings famous actors with whom she had to work.

“I've always worked with great people. Harrison Ford in Paranoia was a legend. Liam Hemsworth is very talented, he will work forever. Demi Moore is one of my favorites - very friendly. I learned a lot from her."

How did you work with Johnny Depp in the movie "The Rum Diary"?

- We worked with him for the first time and as you can imagine, it was scary for me, but Johnny did everything so that I did not feel this way. He's wonderful on and off, he's an incredible person, a wonderful artist and a great actor. It's very easy to work with and makes you feel right at home from day one. I'm lucky.

What attracted you to the movie "The Rum Diary"?

- Well, what … I played with Johnny Depp in a beautiful love story, written by one of my favorite writers, Hunter Thompson, filmed by one of the genius filmmakers Bruce Robinson in Puerto Rico - I could not wish for a better combination.

Now you have become more famous and you are even called the sex symbol of Hollywood. What do you think about it?

“It’s disappointing because, like anyone else, I don’t see myself in such a limited light. After all, I know that I can be presented from the other side, and not just as a sex symbol. This is important to remember about women. But in Hollywood it is ingrained, and here women are characterized in only two ways. The first is when you are just beautiful and sexy, and this gives you very limited options and roles. This gives a fleeting spark that dies out quickly.

The second is when you can be funny, strong, smart, independent, but not a sex symbol, and therefore your fame will not be so bright. Unfortunately, this is the case in Hollywood, and you cannot be both smart and beautiful. I work and try to prove the opposite, to diversify the female characters.

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