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Her Erogenous Zones That You Didn't Know About

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Her Erogenous Zones That You Didn't Know About
Her Erogenous Zones That You Didn't Know About

Video: Her Erogenous Zones That You Didn't Know About

Video: Her Erogenous Zones That You Didn't Know About
Video: What Are The Most Common Erogenous Zones? 2023, June

Some representatives of the fair sex sometimes complain that men are very much fixated exclusively on female genitals and simply forget about the existence of other erogenous zones and points, the constant stimulation of which can also give a woman maximum pleasure.

Next, we will open a list of erogenous, "contact" with which a woman can reveal her real sexual potential, from which everyone will be in full benefit!


The area between the temples and the corners of the eyes is very sensitive to touch. So, after you gently kiss your beloved on her hot lips, pay a little attention to this part of the body.

Auricle, occiput

Erogenous zones in a woman are also concentrated here. Everyone knows the proverb that women love with their ears. Believe me, the auricle, as well as the central part of the back of the head, will gladly react not only to "tasty words", but also to monotonous strokes and kisses.

Shoulders and neck

It is very effective to spend some time on her neck and shoulders during foreplay. In these areas of her body, the surface of the skin is quite delicate, sensitive and receptive to any tactile touch.

In this area, you can use slightly aggressive tactics with biting, passionate kisses and monotonous massage movements.

Area under the breast

Petting does not have to start right away with the nipples. Since the skin on the breasts is very delicate, you can first "work" with the entire plane, and only at the end of the "program" pay special attention to her nipples, which will definitely already be ready for such a reception.


For some women, this is a no-go area, as they may either be ticklish or think they are dirty. There is no need to push hard in this direction. You can start by inviting her to wash her feet in an intimate atmosphere, and then start stimulating the area with passionate kisses and skin nibbles.


The buttocks in women are a very erogenous and sensitive area that must be treated very slowly and filled. To begin with, you can simply stroke them, press and even "walk" your tongue along their relief.

Inner thighs

This is the final part of the foreplay after which you need to actively move on to her genitals. Concentrate on the entire plane of her hips, paying even attention to each part. And only at the very end, you can instantly go to the vagina and clitoris in order to "lift" your beloved to the highest point of pleasure and pleasures.

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