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Hilary Duff: Mike And I Are Not Rushing Things

Hilary Duff: Mike And I Are Not Rushing Things
Hilary Duff: Mike And I Are Not Rushing Things

Video: Hilary Duff: Mike And I Are Not Rushing Things

Video: Hilary Duff: Mike And I Are Not Rushing Things
Video: Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie - Love You More.......x 2023, December

Marriage of the famous singer X ilari daph and her husband, a former NHL player Mike Comrie going through hard times now. A few months ago, like a bolt from the blue, the couple announced that they decided to break up, but for the sake of a common child they would do it as slowly as possible. After the announcement of the upcoming divorce, they still appeared together in public, went to the amusement park, for walks. Looking at them, it was hard to believe that there was disagreement in this family. But, as people close to the spouses then claimed, Hilary could not stand the whining T-shirt that he is unlucky. They also said that Comrie didn't like that Hilary career moves forward, and he stands still, while the man only complained about fate, but did nothing.

And now a month ago Hilary and Mike seen at the Coachella music festival, then they started talking about family reunification. Like, the couple decided to be together for the sake of their 2-year-old son Luka.

And so, at one of the cocktail parties in Beverly Hills, California, UsWeekly journalists managed to talk to the celebrity and ask about her personal life now.

“I don’t think that Mike somewhere to get away from me. We are very connected with Lukeand besides, we are great friends and spend a lot of time together. We do not rush things, we just enjoy our life and do what brings us happiness. It so happens that it works in our favor - said Hilary … Officially, they have not yet come together, the question of a possible divorce in the future is still open.

“Our main priority is our son Luca, but we also take care of each other. We are both adults, and we ourselves choose our path in life. Sometimes it means being with someone, sometimes apart, but if it happens that we part, we will try to end our marriage as peacefully as possible - admitted Daph.

All of Hilary's thoughts are now focused on her child. “Luka is already two years old and he is definitely a strong personality. Today he opened the door to his room. I don’t know how he managed to reach the doorknob and open the door,”she said, laughing. Hilary.

“I see that it annoys him when no one can understand what he wants. We do not indulge his whims, and this sometimes makes him nervous, as well as every child in his place. But I can say with confidence that he is very kind, he has a kind soul and he loves to share”- the artist cannot boast of her baby.

Recall that Hilary and Mike first met in 2008, got married three years later, and two years ago they had their first child. Now Daph is helping with the organization of her sister Hayley's wedding. “There is no specific date yet, but it already has a lot of ideas, we analyze them and develop a single concept. Matt is a great guy. Our whole family is crazy about him, and they are just an incredibly beautiful couple."