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Madonna Is Threatened With Violence

Madonna Is Threatened With Violence
Madonna Is Threatened With Violence

Video: Madonna Is Threatened With Violence

Video: Madonna Is Threatened With Violence
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Famous singer Madonna a letter arrived in which she was threatened with violence if she openly supported the group Pussy Riot.

The pop star spoke out passionately in defense of the femen organization at the Amnesty International Concert in New York last night, February 5th. She described herself as a “freedom fighter,” and described how she supported a Russian group imprisoned on charges of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred. The singer once again recalled that in Russia they protested in one of the Moscow cathedrals, and talked about how difficult it is in a despotic state to freely express their thoughts.

She said: “The right to be free, to say what you think, to have your own opinion, to love the one you want to love, to be who you are - shouldn't we fight for that?

I have always identified myself with a freedom fighter, since the time I realized in the 80s that I have a voice and I can sing something more than I sang before. And I am aware that more than once I have been punished for what I think, but I proudly stick my neck out to resist discrimination"

Madonna also stated that she was threatened with arrest for her performance in Russia in 2012 for her support and “propaganda of homosexuality”.

“It's not hard to guess that I haven't changed a single moment from my show. But 87 of my fans were arrested just because they are gay and came to my concert! - the artist was indignant.

After the performance Madonna the participants themselves took the stage Pussy Riot. Madonna, addressing the audience, she said that she admires "their courage, endurance and the sacrifice that girls made during the time of freedom and human rights."

The members of the group read from the stage an open letter addressed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, which appeals to common sense and the abolition of discriminatory laws.