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"Legend No. 17" Topped The Russian Distribution

"Legend No. 17" Topped The Russian Distribution
"Legend No. 17" Topped The Russian Distribution
Video: "Legend No. 17" Topped The Russian Distribution
Video: Legend film trailer number 17 2023, February

According to the results of the film weekend, the biopic of the famous Russian hockey player became the leader of the Russian box office Valeria Kharlamova "Legend No. 17".

Director's picture Nikolay Lebedev from Danila Kozlovsky and Oleg Menshikov In the lead roles, she raised $ 7.6 million in 4 days (April 18-21). This, of course, is not an indicator of the quality of the film, but most of the critics who have reviewed The Legend give it positive reviews.

For example, Anton Dolin from "Vesti FM"Writes the following:" Legend N17 "by Nikolai Lebedev, perhaps not yet a solution to the most important problem of the national hero, but at least the indicated vector to its solution."

Natalia Grigorieva of RIA News“:“This film is not so much about a specific person, but about how steel is tempered, about how to get to the stars - only through hardships, and about what the concept of “legendary man” really means, which seems to be completely depreciated nowadays, especially since there is more than one such people in Lebedev's film."

Evgeny Ukhov of IGN: “In“Legend”all the episodes of the matches are made beautifully, with the necessary dynamics, excellent editing and plot development. An indicator of the quality of this work was for me the applause of the audience in the cinema hall for every puck hammered on the screen. The cinema hall was as sick as the on-screen stands. So, the movie came to life. Isn't this magic?"

We add to this that audience ratings have already brought Legend # 17 to 64th place in the Top-250 best films from KinoSearch.

There are, of course, negative reviews, in which the tape is called a pretentious paint and varnish craft, but they drown, you know, drown in a chorus of praise. So be sure to watch!


As for the rental, we will find out about those who settled in places from the 2nd to the 5th under the cut!

Last week's leader - "Oblivion "with Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko - has now moved up to 2nd place, earning $ 3.7 million (total box office was $ 15.17 million).

The third place is taken by the adventure film “Kon-Tiki"Telling the story of a traveler Thura Heyerdahl, who, together with a group of followers, decided to swim on a raft Pacific Ocean… The tape brought distributors $ 1.05 million.

The fourth place was taken by the cartoon "The Croods"With 520 thousand dollars (total fees - 27.43 million).

The fifth line is the crime drama "The Place Beyond the Pines", Which earned 480 thousand dollars.

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