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The Star Of The Reality Show "Teen Mom" ​​Leah Messer: Frankly About Her Teenage Life

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The Star Of The Reality Show "Teen Mom" ​​Leah Messer: Frankly About Her Teenage Life
The Star Of The Reality Show "Teen Mom" ​​Leah Messer: Frankly About Her Teenage Life
Video: The Star Of The Reality Show "Teen Mom" ​​Leah Messer: Frankly About Her Teenage Life
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Leah Messer's new book, Hope, Grace and Faith, is full of stunning revelations about the life of the Teen Mom star, including an excerpt in which she claims her mom forced her to have sex

In Leah Messer's upcoming new book Hope, Grace, and Faith (planned publication date May 5), the reality TV star Teen Mom 2, 27, describes one night in her teenage years as she described her mom. Don Spears which forced her to have sex with a man she barely knew. Leah claims her mom often had fun with her and her teenage friends when Dawn's husband Lee, was leaving the city. And it was on one such night that Leah and her friends were asked to play a game of spinning the bottle, which eventually led to Leah being in a room with a random teenager whom she described forced her to have sex.


In the book, Leah, who lost her virginity at 13 and before the incident, says that her mom's behavior around her friends often embarrassed her. “She allowed us to have friends and hang out with all of them,” Leah said, describing her high school days. “I think because she never went to high school or even became a normal teenager, there was a part of her that felt like she was missing something. She was not even allowed to talk to the boys before she met my father and got pregnant with me, so she enjoyed hanging out with our friends and being in awe of this energy."

She continued, “Around the same time, she and Lee were going through difficult times. She began seeing a psychotherapist who diagnosed her as bipolar (with depression and anxiety), but she was not on medication, so she was completely unpredictable. I think she also just didn't know how to deal with having teenage daughters, so she would either be so strict that it was embarrassing, or she would like to hang out and act like she was a young cool mom - which is also embarrassed. There was no middle ground; it was always one extreme or the other.

On the night of the incident, Leah writes that her mother allowed her, her cousins, and some friends to invite several boys. In the end, Leah invited a teenager named Mike to come with her younger brother. Leah, however, only happened to know Mike. She explained, “We were all sitting around the living room talking and chatting when my mom came into the room with an empty bottle of wine and said we should play Spin the Bottle. It was funny at first; we were all just laughing and not taking the game seriously. Mike turned around and I was relieved when the bottle didn't stop, pointing at me. When I spun again, she stopped at her brother, so I kissed him on the cheek and we all laughed. When it was Mike's turn to spin again, the bottle landed in an empty space next to me. There was an awkward pause, and he started twirling it again.

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