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Kylie Jenner Walked With Her Daughter Stormy In The Total Look Fendi

Kylie Jenner Walked With Her Daughter Stormy In The Total Look Fendi
Kylie Jenner Walked With Her Daughter Stormy In The Total Look Fendi

Video: Kylie Jenner Walked With Her Daughter Stormy In The Total Look Fendi

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20-year-old mom Kylie Jenner has already got used to her new role and, without betraying her principles and morals, went for a walk with little Stormy. Even for a simple walk with a child, the celebrity dressed according to the latest fashion trends - the outfit of the Italian fashion house Fendi. Baby Stormy was in the stroller of the same brand.


Looking at the photo, the fans of the star are jubilant - the mother tries to spend more time with the baby. Earlier, there was news in the media that young Kylie was still too young for motherhood and could not cope with her duties. Relatives are happy to help the girl cope with maternal responsibilities, but as insiders reported, it is not enough. Kylie hired a nanny to help her take care of her daughter, although she had previously assured the public that she could cope without her.

“At first, Kylie wanted only Chris and her sisters to help her … Chris spent a lot of time in her daughter's apartment when she returned with her first child,” said an insider.

The boyfriend of the younger sister Kim Kardashian and the father of the newborn Stormi do not live with Kylie - 25-year-old Travis Scott has his own apartment 40 minutes away from his beloved.

“Officially, Kylie and Travis do not live in the same house, but they are raising a daughter together. Everything is going great and they are happy. The lovers are in no hurry with the engagement, but simply enjoy their little family,”said a source from the couple's entourage.


Recall that earlier she was not going to hire personnel to raise the baby, but wanted to do everything on her own. “She wants only her sisters and mother to help her at first, and does not want strangers to interact with her child,” says the source.

According to Western media reports, Kylie enjoys motherhood and is in no hurry to return to her former life, when almost every step she took fell under the sights of the paparazzi.

“She is very glad that now her life is hidden from the public eye. And so far she has no plans to return to publicity,”says an insider.

Recall that relatives and friends of the stars were worried about how Kylie would raise a child. She has nothing to worry about, because there are plenty of advisers in the Kardashian-Jenner family, but not only this worries Kylie's mother. “The family is still worried because Kylie is too young. But they will support and help her with the child. Her sisters are trying to give her as much advice as possible,”says the insider.

Kylie's mom Kris Jenner is outraged that her daughter's boyfriend Travis doesn't care about her at all. Rumor has it that he even cheats on his child's expectant mother. “Chris is just furious. She is angry at the indifferent to her daughter Travis. Chris never saw his concern. Travis is distant from the family, and Chris does not understand how Kylie will have a relationship with him in the future, but now she is extremely disappointed. Chris made it clear to Travis that her daughter deserves more and that it is better for him not to hurt her,”says the insider.

Kylie's father, who changed sex in 2015 and appeared in front of the public as Caitlyn Jenner, was also not happy about the news of his daughter's pregnancy. "Kaitlyn Jenner was not happy at first when she heard that Kylie would become a mom," says the insider, adding that just like Chris, she doubts her boyfriend.

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