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Jennifer Lopez For ParaTodos

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Jennifer Lopez For ParaTodos
Jennifer Lopez For ParaTodos
Video: Jennifer Lopez For ParaTodos
Video: Jennifer Lopez covers Para Todos' April 2014 issue - Exclusive Interview 2023, February

44-year-old American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez graced the cover of a Spanish magazine ParTodos… In addition to pictures of the beautiful Lopez, an interview appeared on the pages of the publication, in which Jen spoke about what to be most proud of, what she expects from her 10th album and about working with the Oscar-winning Matthew McConaughey.


Jennifer Lopez is most proud of …

“During my career, I have experienced many happy wonderful moments. But I think preparing for my first Dance Again World Tour was my most significant achievement. Performing live in front of a huge audience every night is incredible. I felt that I had grown both as a person and as an artist."

About the tenth studio album

“I started working on the new album right after the end of my last tour. I think it will be unique, as it has collaborated with French Montana, Robin Thicke, Wiz Khalifa, Maxwell, and of course Pitbull. This is a special album because in every song it will feel my return to the roots of growing up in the Bronx."

About the main role in the biopic "Selena"

“The role of the Latin American diva Selena was a real challenge for me. I completely immersed myself in her life, learned everything about her family, her home, culture … studied every moment of her history. It was a very special time in my professional and personal life. The role of Selena opened the doors to the world of cinema for me, and inspired me to start a musical career. It is safe to say that if it were not for this role, I would not have become who I am now."

About working with Oscar-winning Matthew McConaughey

“Matthew and I worked together on The Wedding Planner. It was really great. I am very proud of him for what he has achieved over the past few years. I have the best memories of our filming together."

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