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Amy Adams In The March Issue Of Interview Magazine

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Amy Adams In The March Issue Of Interview Magazine
Amy Adams In The March Issue Of Interview Magazine
Video: Amy Adams In The March Issue Of Interview Magazine
Video: TimesTalks: Amy Adams 2023, February

Amy Adams - red-haired beauty of Hollywood, five-time nominee for "Oscar"… Winner of the award Golden Globe"For the main role in the tragicomedy The American Scam by David O. Russell (2013).

The actress appeared on the cover of the magazine Interview, where she appeared before us only in scarlet lipstick and a dress from Narziso rodriguez… The photographer of this shoot was Mikael Jensson.

Adams also answered several questions about her personal life, travel, music and theater.


As far as I understand, have you been very busy lately?

- Quite busy. This is good, I think. I was in Boston filming a film, and we just recently finished, packed up and flew home. It was fun because my daughter was very happy to be back, so much positive energy.

Is she a good traveler?

- Good. You know, she's only 3 years old. Of course, some difficulties arise on the road, but she copes, does not be capricious. Although I am sure that our fellow travelers can say the opposite (laughs).

Have you been a good traveler as a child?

- Yes, I had to behave myself. I was one of seven children in a family and we often traveled by car. This was before the iPhone and iPad and DVD players in cars. It was a real miracle for me when I was presented with my own Walkman (portable audio player) so that I could listen to music.

And what did you listen to?

- I don’t want to sound simple, but one of my favorite songs was the composition from the movie "From Africa" ​​(1985). I really liked this film, I imagined how the landscapes change when this music sounded.


So since then have you started to be interested in cinema?

- Then I was more interested in ballet. It seemed to me that the film "From Africa" ​​would look great as a ballet production.

What else did you enjoy listening to?

- I listened to a lot of soundtracks, songs from musicals, operas.

Have you seen any of the musicals or operas live?

- Unfortunately no. I mean, I've seen evening performances at local theaters, but I've never been to a big theater until I graduated from high school. Tonny was my first show. I just fell in love with this production.

How did it feel when you were given the opportunity to play Lois Lane in Man of Steel?

- I was very happy. We had discussed the possibility of my participation in the film before, I had auditions with Matt Bomer and Paul Worker when the project was under development. Then I was given the script again when Zach Snyder was confirmed to direct. It seemed to me that this film will turn out to be interesting and unusual. You know, I really love action games, but it seems to me that the role of a superhero girl is not for me. So my character Lois is not as perfect as she could be.

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