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Vampire Clans Recruited To "Dawn"

Vampire Clans Recruited To "Dawn"
Vampire Clans Recruited To "Dawn"
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Summit Entertainment Announces Full Staffing Of Vampire Clans For Filming "Dawn" - the fourth part of the "twilight" saga. Earlier we wrote about the actors who will play the Denali clan - friendly neighbors of the Cullen family. Let's see who else will fight the Volturi clan side by side with our favorite vegetarian vampires.

So, the Amazonian (or Brazilian, I forgot) clan consists of the most ancient vampires on earth. The roles of Senna and Zafrina will be played by Tracy Heggins and Judy Shekoni.

The composition of the Egyptian clan is as follows: Amuna will play Omar Metwelli (Munich), Kebi Andrea Gabriel (Lost, House), Benjamin - Rami Malek (Night at the Museum) and Tia - Angela Sarafyan (The Good Guys ").

The Irish clan, consisting of the youngest vampires, consists of: Maggie - Marlene Barnes ("The Tree of Life"), Siobhan - Lisa Howard and Liam - Patrick Brennan.

The Romanian clan, which once ruled the vampires before the Volturi, will consist of: Vladimir - Noel Fischer ("Destination 2") and Stefan - Guri Weinberg ("Munich").

The group of European nomads includes the vampire Alistair, played by Joe Anderson (Mad Men).

And finally, the American nomads. Hurray Lee Pace from Dead on Demand is on the team! He will play Garrett, Mary will play Tony Trucks (Out of Sight, Out of the Chart), Randall as Bill Tangradi (The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Peter as Eric Odom and Charlotte as Valorie Curry (Veronica Mars).

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