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Neighbors Dislike Gwyneth Peltrow

Neighbors Dislike Gwyneth Peltrow
Neighbors Dislike Gwyneth Peltrow
Video: Neighbors Dislike Gwyneth Peltrow
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Neighbors of the actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martinit seems that in the near future they will be able to breathe easy. As it was recently revealed, residents of the nearby home were unhappy with the behavior of the spouses almost from the first day of the appearance of this couple in their area. Neighbors accused Gwyneth and Chris of violating zoning laws, namely, residents did not like the fact that the stars installed a three-meter black fence around the perimeter of their 10 millionth mansion. According to eyewitnesses, representatives of the California state executive power more than once demanded that the spouses remove the fence, but they did not react to such demands.


Residents of the district are also unhappy with the fact that since the acquisition of the mansion by the couple (in 2012), construction work has been going on there all the time. “There is something happening every day. I'm tired of this construction site. It annoys me that the workers who are employed there, without any permission, park near my house. This is a disgrace”- one of the local residents is indignant.

Patrow's neighbors also wonder why, over the years of her life in the area, the actress never made an attempt to get to know the locals: “Gwyneth is not very popular in our area, because she did not even try to get to know us. Her husband Chris is another matter. We often took him on walks with the dog. He was a friendly guy."

Well, it looks like if Gwyneth wants to move to another place, she needs to seriously think about her behavior and show at least a little friendliness towards her neighbors.

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