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Consolation Prizes For Oscar Nominees

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Consolation Prizes For Oscar Nominees
Consolation Prizes For Oscar Nominees
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2nd March 2014 the 86th Film Award Ceremony will take place "Oscar"… While the winners will rejoice at their figurines, the organizers of the celebration prepared consolation prizes for the losers, namely the so-called "gift bag"whose content evaluates to 80 thousand dollars everyone.

15th consecutive year marketing firm "Your assets" is one of the sponsors of the event. They procure and distribute "gift bags" to the losers in the categories "Best Actor", "Best Actress", "Best Supporting Actor", "Best Supporting Actress", "Best Director". This year Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Sandra Bullock, Jared Leto, Martin Scorsese, Stephen McQueen, etc. can receive the "gift bag".

Let's take a look at what's included in a "gift bag" that's worth more than Jonah Hill's royalties in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street.

Procedures (18 thousand dollars)

Celebritis will receive a certificate for anti-aging, sexual response (for women) and hair restoration for men.

professional masseur doing massaging female neck in the beauty salon

Slimming treatment ($ 950)

Certificate for 10 workouts with a personal trainer, ecological tableware from the company Slimware, gummies, protein bars and shakes.

Traveling by train through the Rocky Mountains (7 thousand dollars)

The recipient of the "gift package" will receive a two-day rail trip on the luxury Rocky Mountaineer train traveling through Western Canada. The journey begins with an overnight stay in Vancouver, then the train travels past a waterfall, past beautiful endless forests, lakes and other scenic spots, until it arrives at its destination - a resort town in the Canadian rocky mountains.


Sauces and dressings ($ 280)

Cedebritis will receive organic products, including maple syrup, various salad dressings, jellies, mustard, and a kitchen apron. But that's not all. Each loser will receive a maple tree owner certificate from Notre-Dame-Des-Bois. Experts say this is a priceless gift.

Guided Tour of Japan and Las Vegas

Celebrities will have the opportunity to travel to Japan and get acquainted with the true culture of the country, see the non-tourist side of Japan (15 thousand dollars). Also, the stars are given a ticket to the entertainment city of America - Las Vegas, where the owner of the "gift package" will have the opportunity to meet the famous American vocal quartet Boyz II Men.


Bathroom system ($ 7.5k)

Celebrities will have the opportunity to undergo water therapy from the comfort of their homes. The nominees will receive a system called Steamist Total Sense Home SpSyste. This system includes all shower amenities - aromatherapy, wireless audio system, water filtration from Krystal Klear Water and much more.

Travel to the resort ($ 5300)

Celebrities will travel to Imanta Resort and then stay for 5 days at a luxury villa in Koloa Resort in Kauai

Pet food

Celebrity pets will also benefit from the "gift bag". They will be provided with a year's supply of various feeds, shampoos, etc. The exclusive in this gift will be natural food from Ellane DeGeneres' company for the production of products for animals.

Would you rather receive an Oscar or a consolation gift bag?

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