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Starslife Competition
Starslife Competition

Video: Starslife Competition

Video: Starslife Competition
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Perhaps many of you have already watched the film "Eat, Pray, Love", and now, our dear readers / readers, you have the opportunity to win a small but significant gift. By becoming the winner of this competition, you will receive a rug that you can use for the bathroom or for fitness or yoga)))

The rug in the picture


The rules are standard, we will not remind you, everyone who is not familiar with them, then urgently goes to the appropriate section and meets)))

The question is one, the question is simple!

The author of the bestselling book "Eat, Pray, Love" several years ago worked as a waitress in a very famous bar. Thanks to an article about this establishment, this bar became more widely known and soon became world famous. Name this bar

Bar Coyote Ugly

Our winners:

1. Gehtman Irina

2. Rind Anastasia

3. Litvinenko Natalia

4. Bogdanova Inna

5. Abrosimova Alena

All winners who sent us their phone number (as indicated in the Rules) along with their answers will be notified today about where and how they can receive their prizes.