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Elena Berkova Will Defend Her Honor In Court

Elena Berkova Will Defend Her Honor In Court
Elena Berkova Will Defend Her Honor In Court

Video: Elena Berkova Will Defend Her Honor In Court

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Video: Russia: Court terminates parental rights after girl spend 5 yrs in hospital 2023, February

Former adult film actress and former television show contestant "Dom2" Elena Berkova filed a lawsuit against the NTV channel.

In a statement Helena it is indicated that the journalists of the TV channel practically accused her of the murder of her husband Vladimir Savro, who went missing in Crimea on September 14 last year.

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Recall that Elena Berkova with her husband went to Crimea to shoot another video for his wife. Despite the fact that the peninsula received a storm warning, they decided to swim in the Black Sea. According to Helena, millet husband disappeared in the waves. Body Vladimir was never found. The former porn actress herself did not immediately turn for help, she was waiting for her husband to return himself. She did not address either the rescuers or the police, which prompted the journalists to understand understandable thoughts.

After the TV star saw the program on NTV about herself, where journalists in their investigations unequivocally hinted at her involvement in the disappearance of her husband, Elena felt so bad that she had to call an ambulance.

Lawyer Berkova regards the journalists' reporting as libel. I must say that this is not the first such court session. Previously Berkova has already turned to Themis with a request to bring to justice the TV channel "Friday", defaming her honor and causing her moral harm. Then, in 2013. She managed to win 90 thousand rubles.

Recall that in an interview, the former director Elena Alena Trofan claimed that Berkova - a mentally unbalanced person who can do anything in their hearts. Trofan also did not rule out that Elena was involved in the disappearance of her husband. At the same time, formal accusations aside Berkova nobody nominated.

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