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Beyoncé And Jay-Z's Marriage Cracked?

Beyoncé And Jay-Z's Marriage Cracked?
Beyoncé And Jay-Z's Marriage Cracked?

Video: Beyoncé And Jay-Z's Marriage Cracked?

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Video: Beyonce tried to leave Jay-Z after he cheated | She says: "I stayed for the kids" 2023, February

Famous American singer Beyonce, it turns out, in her personal life she is not as successful as in her musical career. And although she does not discuss the details of her personal life with journalists, by indirect signs it can be assumed that everything is not so rosy in their family with a rapper Jay Z.


Not too long ago a family Beyonce came under the gun of all the paparazzi in the world. The reason for this was the conflict between her own sister. Solange Knowles and husband Jay Z in the elevator of one of the hotels where a party for the guests of the Met Gala was held. A celebrity quarrel turned into a fight, during which Solange tried to hit the rapper and kick him. The reason for the quarrel was the refusal Jay Z take with you to the afterparty Rihanna your spouse. Her sister could not stand this.

"What's the matter? Why can't you just go home? Why do you have to go to this damn club? " - shouted Solange on the benchmark. Reaction Beyonce surprised Internet users, where the video got, no less than the fight itself. She was outwardly calm and did not intervene in any verbal skirmish or in a fight.

Before what happened, according to eyewitnesses, Jay Z flirted with a 40-year-old designer Rachel Roy. I became a witness of this Solange and almost got into a fight with Rachel still in the hall, so they got into the elevator already wound up, all that was missing was a spark. It is assumed that Jay Z wanted to meet with Rachel exactly at the afterparty at Rihanna, of course, they don't go to the forest with their own firewood, and he didn't want to see his wife there.

And although after the incident Beyonce trying to reassure the press that everything in their family life is just fine, alarming is the fact that the singer has brought a tattoo that had the meaning of a wedding ring for her. This is the Roman numeral "4" on the ring finger. The artist has repeatedly said that this figure has a sacred meaning for her: on the fourth, she was born and Jay Z, On April 4 they got married. She did not want to wear an engagement ring for 5 million dollars, she and her husband got the same tattoos for themselves. It is not known only whether the tattoo remained on the finger of Jay Z.

I must say that a big joint tour of the famous spouses starts this summer. It is possible that this is just a PR move that warms up interest in the upcoming show. I would like to believe that it is so.

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