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Popular Gifts For The New Year. Top 10 Hits Of

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Popular Gifts For The New Year. Top 10 Hits Of
Popular Gifts For The New Year. Top 10 Hits Of

Video: Popular Gifts For The New Year. Top 10 Hits Of

Video: Popular Gifts For The New Year. Top 10 Hits Of
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Without a doubt, New Year and Christmas are the two most beloved, long-awaited, fabulous and magical holidays. It is with them that pleasant expectations of surprises and gifts are associated. Moreover, not only children, but also mature adults are waiting for New Year's presents under the Christmas tree. But, in addition to pleasant expectations, the adult part of the population is also seized by some panic about the choice and purchase of gifts for each other.

How to please loved ones in 2017? What to buy for the New Year for a man or a woman? What gift would be appropriate for employees, work colleagues, and a manager? Sometimes, from all these questions, the head starts spinning … In order to ease the pain of choice even a little and push on the right ideas about New Year's gifts, we publish a rating of the most popular gifts for the New Year 2017.


Top 10 New Year's hits:

10. Oversized souvenirs with symbols of the coming year. The upcoming New Year is the year of the Red Fire Rooster. This means that everything related to domestic feathered pets will be appropriate and relevant under the tree. For example, figurines and magnets depicting a rooster and its large "family".

9. Christmas decorations, Christmas decorations, firecrackers and more. A full-fledged celebration of the arrival of the New Year is simply impossible to imagine without a lush Christmas tree, a brightly decorated house and loud fireworks. Naturally, such gifts serve only as accompanying elements of the main presentation, nevertheless, it is they that bring a positive attitude and anticipation of a cheerful, unforgettable holiday to the surprise.

8. Perfumery, cosmetic sets. This type of gifts can be presented exclusively to close people, whose preferences you know thoroughly. Otherwise, the surprise may become unsuccessful, and cosmetics or expensive perfumes will simply remain unclaimed, which means they will not bring either joy or satisfaction.

7. Small interior items: home-style decor, lighting fixtures (table lamps, sconces, floor lamps), paintings, vases, boxes, etc. Choosing such a gift, the main thing is to please the owner of the apartment with the design of the decoration and the color palette.

6. Small household appliances, which include: mixers, multicooker, microwave oven, coffee machine, food processor and the like. In this case, choosing a gift is very simple, since it will be enough to present on New Year's Eve that household appliance that is absent in the household of a close friend or relative.

5. Computer accessories. Almost every one of us is a fairly confident PC user. Therefore, it is quite appropriate to buy for the New Year: headphones, a webcam, goggles, a microphone, a memory card. It is also nice to receive a variety of devices that connect to the USB port as a gift. For example, laptop lights, heated mouse pad, mini fan and the like.

4. Interior clocks. Floor and wall clocks are ideal for homes and apartments that lack individuality in design. In addition, a wall clock is also a very practical, functional device that is necessary in every room. Small wall clocks or monumental floor models often become the center of the interior design concept for a home or office. A wall clock as a gift is an excellent present both as a corporate New Year's gift and for personal use.

3. Jewelry. This category of New Year's gifts absolutely needs no introduction or additional description. Is anyone able to resist the glitter of silver or gold, precious and semi-precious stones?

2. Clothes and accessories. Knitted products are in special demand on New Year's Eve: mittens, scarves, hats, cardigans, sweaters. Also, many will be pleased to receive under the chimes and accessories that "make" a complete image: trouser belts, wallets, business card holders, hats, handbags, wallets and so on. For loved ones, it is quite appropriate to buy more personal wardrobe items: underwear, bathrobes, tracksuits and pajamas. But for colleagues it is better to choose themed clothes: a Santa hat, a T-shirt with New Year's greetings, cool fancy dress for parties.

1. Wrist watches deservedly took the first place. Naturally, it is better to choose a wristwatch in an online store in advance in order to have time to buy expensive branded models with discounts or with a special offer. A wrist watch is the most desirable gift for both men and women. After all, it is the watch that can emphasize the character of a person, his status and preferences.

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