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Nastya Kamensky Has A New Romance

Nastya Kamensky Has A New Romance
Nastya Kamensky Has A New Romance

Video: Nastya Kamensky Has A New Romance

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Video: Потап и Настя feat. Бьянка - Стиль собачки 2023, February

Numerous paparazzi as well as fans Nastya Kamenskikh everyone is trying to find out at least a little details from the singer's personal life, but all their attempts are in vain. Kamensky manages to keep their love affairs secret from annoying journalists.

More recently it became known that the famous brunette had a dream Vadim Oleinik, to which she only sighed, saying that she liked older men. And it's true, for such a bright and noticeable girl, you need a solid companion who can fulfill any girl's whims.

After a deafening performance with Potap in Kazakhstan, and then in Vitebsk, where the artists performed at the "Slavianski Bazaar", Nastya returned back to her lover, saying that she really missed him very much. “He is so affectionate, kind, gentle! He's only mine”- said Kamenskikh.

But the singer's fans can sleep well. Nastya was not talking about the man, but about the city. “… And I have a date with him today. With my beloved city, with my Kiev. " This is how he can intrigue Nastya Kamenskikh.


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