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Jamie Dornan Could Play King Arthur

Jamie Dornan Could Play King Arthur
Jamie Dornan Could Play King Arthur

Video: Jamie Dornan Could Play King Arthur

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Video: The Graham Norton Show with Jamie Dornan, Julie Walters, Stephen Mangan, Rita Ora (русские субтитры) 2023, February

British actor Jamie Dornan, who became famous thanks to the erotic film "50 Shades of Gray", which has not yet been released on the screens, may star in a new film Guy Ritchie… According to the Western press, Madonna's ex-husband fell under the charm of a young Briton and now sees no one but him in the role of King Arthur. Note that on the account of the eminent director such sensational films “Lock, Stock, Two Barrels "," Big Jackpot "," Rock-n-Roller " and "Sherlock Holmes". If we take into account the originality of these tapes, then we are in for a breathtaking spectacle.


The upcoming blockbuster will be produced by Warner Bros..

“Jamie is in demand in Hollywood right now. Guy was pleased after talking with Dornan and wanted to immediately offer him the role,”says the source.

“Jamie is keen to get this role, his agents in the US are doing everything possible for this, - says the insider. "They are looking to get a contract so that Jamie can work on both films at once (we are talking about the trilogy" 50 Shades of Gray "and the new project Richie)."

It is worth noting that Dornan is now more interested in Guy's project than others, since Jamie does not want to be associated only with "shades".

The 32-year-old actor's agent says, "Jamie wants to do a lot to prove he's a versatile actor."

The details of Guy's new film have not yet been reported, it is only known that Richie wants to shoot another story about King Arthur and his knights of the Kingdom of Camelot.

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