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New Trailer For The Comedy "Bridget Jones's Baby"

New Trailer For The Comedy "Bridget Jones's Baby"
New Trailer For The Comedy "Bridget Jones's Baby"

Video: New Trailer For The Comedy "Bridget Jones's Baby"

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Video: Bridget Jones's Baby Official Trailer 2023, February

Universal Picture has unveiled the second official trailer for Bridget Jones's Baby comedy.

As far as we already know, the plot of the film will be based on the pregnancy of the main character played by Renee Zellweger and two potential dads, who were played by Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey in the third part of the Bridget Jones franchise.

Note that Bridget keeps a diary as before, but this time not a handwritten one, but an electronic one.


She also keeps her old diaries and leafs through, remembering the romance with Darcy. Two potential dads, in turn, are trying in every possible way to win the attention of Bridget.

Recall that "Bridget Jones's Baby" was a kind of return of Renee Zellweger to big cinema. For several years, the actress is not something that has not been filmed, she generally tried not to appear in front of anyone. Here is how the celebrity commented on this "lull".

As it turned out, Renee was so tired of the constant filming that she simply had to pause, because living in such a rhythm meant finally ditching her health. Plus, Zellweger was tired of herself and the fame that followed her everywhere. It got to the point that her own voice became disgusting.

“It took me a while to communicate with people again on a human level, to be seen and heard. I am real, and not the image that accompanies me everywhere. You can't be a good conversationalist if you don't have life experience, and I've missed too much in life because of work,”Zellweger said.

Due to fatigue, Rene has abandoned a large number of highly successful projects, but now she does not regret anything.

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