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Died Wife Of Russian Journalist Andrei Norkin

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Died Wife Of Russian Journalist Andrei Norkin
Died Wife Of Russian Journalist Andrei Norkin

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Yesterday, June 6, 2020, the famous Russian journalist, television and radio host Andrei Norkin said goodbye to his wife, Yulia Norkina, who was buried at the Novoderevenskoye cemetery in Pushkino. Yulia Gennadievna Norkina was a popular radio host and journalist, the wife of the equally famous TV presenter Andrei Norkin

About 100 people came to say goodbye to Andrei Norkin's wife, including many famous and public figures. Eyewitnesses of the funeral procession report that Andrei Vladimirovich Norkin did not allow any of the invitees and journalists to take pictures, but he himself took a few pictures with his personal mobile phone, one of which he shared on a social network on his Instagram page. After all of the guests had said goodbye to Yulia, Andrei Vladimirovich silently walked to the head of the bed and stood for several minutes in absolute silence. After that, as expected, he did not throw a handful of earth into the coffin three times.


Reportedly, Julia's husband still does not believe what happened. The death of his wife became known on June 5, about which the grief-stricken husband himself shared the terrible news on the social network. At first, information appeared in the media that Yulia Gennadievna died of a heart attack, but later it became known that as a result of suicide. Close friends told about what Yulia Norkina learned the day before about her serious incurable illness.

On social networks, subscribers, as well as all relatives and friends, still cannot believe what happened. Everyone writes words of support to Norkin wishing him strength, courage and patience to survive this grief.

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