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A Feature Or Flaw That Cindy Crawford Has

A Feature Or Flaw That Cindy Crawford Has
A Feature Or Flaw That Cindy Crawford Has

Video: A Feature Or Flaw That Cindy Crawford Has

Video: A Feature Or Flaw That Cindy Crawford Has
Video: Why Cindy Crawford Is More Than a Pretty Face | Oprah’s Master Class | Oprah Winfrey Network 2023, June

It's hard to believe, but even a supermodel has flaws in appearance! So, sex symbol of the 90s

supermodel Cindy Crawford was sure that her famous mole on her face was in fact

a super defect that needs to be eliminated.


“I always thought that my birthmark would definitely write its own autobiography!” Says


You can tell that it was not always the same as it is now and that the childhood and adolescence of the star was very difficult. She was bullied

classmates and even her own sister advised her to be removed. Driven to despair by Cindy in one

moment she even dared to sign up for the clinic so that the doctors finally removed this

hateful mark. But at the last moment, her mother found out about everything and forbade it.



“Then my mother told me, don’t even think about doing it, you still don’t know where and when she told you

all the same it will come in handy! - Mom dissuaded.

And my mother was not mistaken! Cindy Crawford became a supermodel, but at the start of her career she

faced the problem of childhood again. Because of the birthmark, she again had a hard time, over

she was bullied by colleagues and photographers. Make-up artists laid a thick layer of cosmetics in order to

hide, as it seemed to them, this defect. And the agents insisted all the same to get rid of her, they say, with

You can't build a successful modeling career with such a fly on your face!

“The photos that were retouched were unsuccessful! I was not like them myself! -

recalls Cindy.


Despite strong pressure from the outside, Cindy Crawford was no longer listening to anyone. And when she will one day star in

advertising chocolate and so skillfully lick his

a long-suffering mole, after having tasted the sweetness, which immediately became clear to everyone - it was she who made Cindy unique

among all other models. Since then, to be like Cindy Crawford millions

women began to draw the same mole near their lips, and she herself is considered the standard of beauty.

“I have it instead of a passport!” Said the famous beauty.

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