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Jack Reacher: Asian Tour

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Jack Reacher: Asian Tour
Jack Reacher: Asian Tour

Video: Jack Reacher: Asian Tour

Video: Jack Reacher: Asian Tour
Video: Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike/ Jack Reacher Press Conference at Tokio 2023, December

Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike and Christopher McQuarrie showed their Jack Reacher in Japan and South Korea. The film has already been released in our box office on January 10, and you can see how well or Tom played the hero of the books Lee Child or not.

Tom had a big program in Tokyo. The Japanese adore him, in one of the towns they even erected a monument to Cruz, so it is not surprising that the artist was greeted with the words "Welcome, Tom Cruise!" Tom visited a special exhibition of fan art in his honor, tried on a kimono, took pictures with everyone and beat the ritual drums, after which the premiere took place. It is a real pleasure to watch Tom work on the red carpet: he will shake the hand of the fans and help hold the camera - a fine fellow!

From Japan, the team moved to South Korea, where, as planned, at the premiere in Busan, they were awarded diplomas of honorary citizens of the city. Then the artists moved to Seoul, where they talked to journalists. A rich visit!

Tom arrives at his exhibition in Tokyo

Have you seen the photo on the wall?

Quest: find Tom in the photo

Tom and his fans

Here comes the drums

Special album for the artist


Trio goes to the premiere

Here they are, handsome

Near Reacher's car

Christopher McQuarrie with his wife

You cannot refuse such a gift

Rosamund and the fans

She is pretty

Dress from the back

Our hero

Proud eagle

Take a picture with everyone

And shake his hand

And here are the handsome men on the press



The director is like a character from a cartoon

Comrades moved to Korean Busan

Tom set to work

I love these photos of him

Touching uzhano

A comrade is given into the hands

Rosamund is not far behind

Chrisfer and wife

All trinity

And here is the issuance of honorary citizenship

Honorary Korean Tom Cruise

Gangam style in honor of the premiere

Handsome men at the press in Seoul

Proud Tomik

He talks about serious things