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Selena Gomez Has A New Tattoo

Selena Gomez Has A New Tattoo
Selena Gomez Has A New Tattoo
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On a note Justin Bieber Selena Gomez I fell in love with myself and wrote about it on my body. A new tattoo on the body of a young American singer and actress appeared recently.


For a new drawing for her body, Selena was not too lazy to go to New York and trust one of the best inkjackers, Bang Bang McCurdy, who left his drawings on many famous bodies.

Former-new girlfriend of Canadian singer Justin Bieber chose the Arabic script "Love Yourself First", which means "Love yourself first" or "Love yourself first," as you like. Recall that earlier the girl was very modest, but her relationship with Bieber contributed, not the most, to her development. After another breakup, which turned out to be very painful for Gomez, she even went to a specialized clinic for two weeks, where, as she later admitted, her self-esteem was improved. Now she again, according to the American tabloids, is dating Justin. Only now she is a self-confident woman, which, in fact, she decided to tell through her tattoo.

After a painful drawing procedure, McCurdy bragged about the star client to his friends and acquaintances, posting her picture on his page on the social network.

"A small gift for my friend Selena Gomez" - the master signed the picture, which, as it were, hints that Selena did not pay for the tattoo.

This is far from the first tattoo on the body of a Disney star. She already has a phrase written in italics on her right thigh, a note mark on her wrist, and the number 76 written in Roman numbers on her neck - the year her mother was born.

Her boyfriend Justin Bieber even resembles the last page of a school sketchbook - there are a lot of different plans of drawings, drawings and inscriptions on it. And last year, I remember, in April, he "stuffed" an angel on the wrist of his left hand. Rumor has it that he is very much like Justin's beloved Selena. Anything can be.

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