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Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson Got Married

Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson Got Married
Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson Got Married
Video: Jessica Simpson And Eric Johnson Got Married
Video: Jessica Simpson's Beautiful Wedding Video | People 2023, February

Rancho San Ysidro in Santa Barbara, California became the wedding site of an American actress and singer Jessica Simpson and her fiancé and the father of her two children Erica Johnson.


The 33-year-old celebrity wore an elegant Carolin Herrera dress, made especially for the occasion.

More than 250 guests came to the celebration of Jessica and Eric, among whom were, of course, the sister of the bride Ashley and her fiancé Evan Ross. In addition, Jessica Alba, Cash Warren and many others were spotted among the guests.

The bride and groom walked to the awning altar to the instrumental version of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game". The children of the bride and groom, two-year-old Maxwell and one-year-old Ace were also active participants in the ceremony: the girl, along with her cousin the Bronx, carried flowers to the altar, and his son held rings for the wedding of his parents.

As the husband and wife later told People, “We are very happy. It was very pleasant and exciting to take the oaths of loyalty and eternal love, to say the cherished "yes" with so many relatives and friends, and most importantly - in front of our children. This is the happiest moment in our life."

Recall that Jessica and Eric met in 2010. The novel developed rapidly, and soon Eric realized that he had met his only one and made her a marriage proposal. Accepting a beautiful engagement ring with a ruby ​​from her lover, Jessica gathered herself down the aisle. But fate decreed otherwise: the singer became pregnant and they decided to postpone the wedding. After the birth of her daughter Maxwell, Jessica diligently lost the excess weight gained during pregnancy, but soon found out that she would become a mother again. Having given birth to her son Ace, Jessica decided that now she would definitely have a wedding.

Simpson was previously married to singer Nick Lasche, Eric was also married to stylist Keri Johnson.

There are now also rumors that Jessica and Eric are preparing to become parents again, however, there were no official announcements at the wedding, as previously expected. Most likely, this is just another newspaper "duck".

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