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Officially: Timati Leaves The Black Star Label

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Officially: Timati Leaves The Black Star Label
Officially: Timati Leaves The Black Star Label
Video: Officially: Timati Leaves The Black Star Label
Video: Вот почему Тимати ушел из Black Star! Его подставили или Лейбл тонет? 2023, February

Today, June 27, 2020, the famous Russian musician and producer Timur Yunusov stunned his subscribers. He leaves the label he has been working on for many years


Russian musician Timati notified all his subscribers on the Instagram social network that he was officially leaving the Black Star label. He did this not for the sake of PR, but so that no one would speculate and spread gossip. Timur decided to be the first to tell about such great changes in his life, why it happened and what he plans to do next.

According to the artist, everything happened very peacefully, with his friends, with whom he has been friends and has been cooperating for more than 20 years, conversations have been going on for a very long time. Only now a decision was made and the artist officially left the label.

Timati also explained his exit from the label. The fact is that at the moment the work of the label is solely to increase the turnover of funds and analyze statistics. Yunusov admits that without such work the existence of a label is impossible, but he is very uninterested in this, he is used to creating and creating something new.

Timur also said that now he does not produce the label's artists and has nothing to do with them anymore. In addition, he still owns large chains that are directly related to the label. For example, this is a burger shop, barbershop, fitness room, clothing store.

It is worth noting that Timati recently announced the release of his new solo album. The album will premiere in early autumn 2020, apparently it will be released as a separate format that does not belong to any of the labels.

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