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White House Dinner Party

White House Dinner Party
White House Dinner Party
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Video: White House: Dinner Party Crashers Met Pres. Obama 2023, February

Tuesday 11th February at White House an identical event took place - dinner party in honor of the president's visit France Francois Hollande in USA.

Michelle and Barack Obama welcomed more 300 guests among which were cinema stars, politicians, and businessmen - Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mindy Kaling, Stephen Colbert, JJ Abrams, Irwin Jacobs (which gave more than $ 2 million for Obama's election campaign) and so on.


For dinner Michelle Obamand put on a custom-made chic dress from CarolinHerrera… The dress itself can already be called an event: a soft blue developing skirt, a black velvet belt and a blue corset, over which a mesh was worn, hand-embroidered with beads - this ensemble perfectly emphasized the figure of the first lady. Barack Obama chose a classic suit, complemented the image with a bow tie.

Dinner was organized at South lawn, since there would not be room for 350 guests in the White House itself. Entertained by a Bronx-born soul singer Mary J. Blige.

In the middle of the evening, the President of the United States made a toast in French, greeted everyone present with a word "Bonsoir"and then confessed that this was all he knew in French.

Then the word went to Francois Hollande… Among all the jokes and other chatter spoken, there was a moment of revelation. The French President said: "We love Americans, we just don't talk about it so often."


The dinner consisted of four courses. The main one was the specially aged beef steaks, which are supplied to the best American restaurants from the family ranch in Colorado. The members of the French delegation really liked the blue cheese Jasper hill farm from Vermont. Sturgeon caviar was also served. The dessert turned out to be unusually good - a cake with ganache-chocolate cream. And Michelle Obama could not resist, and revealed the secret of making dessert for guests, posting on a social network a picture of how a chef sprays fine chocolate chips on cakes using a construction spray.


The festival was also attended by an actor Bradley Cooper with my girlfriend Suki Waterhouse… The 39-year-old beauties chose a classic suit for the evening, while his chosen one preferred a floor-length dress from Marios schwab, complementing the image with jewelry from MonicVinader.


Barack Obama intends to pay a return visit to France in June this year. The US President has already accepted Hollande's invitations to attend the celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the Allied landings in Normandy.

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